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Miyamoto feels responsible for slugging Wii U sales

In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto opened up on why the Wii U has been off to a slow start this console generation. In part, Miyamoto feels he’s partially responsible that the

Death of the fanman: How Nintendo lost one of its most avid evangelists

Jack Loftus was one of the first contributors to Infendo. He began writing for the blog in 2006, a year after I founded it. Known for his wit, provocative writing, and unabashed subjectivity, Jack lovingly referred to himself as the “fanman.” When

Interview with Lead Programmer of new WiiWare title Jam City Rollergirls

We get a lot of information from publishers about new games, but the press release from Frozen Codebase about their new WiiWare title Jam City Rollergirls caught my eye. The company is based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is

Exclusive: In an Xbox Live world, Nintendo defends online Wii service

Nintendo’s online service is better than most hardened gamers give it credit for. At least that’s what company spokesman Kit Ellis told Infendo in an interview last week. When asked how the popularity of Xbox Live and PSN have encouraged