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Infendo interviews Bplus about WiiWare’s first title: PLATTCHEN

Infendo did a little genuine journalism today and interviewed Jennifer Fellnhofer, the head of PR at Bplus. If you’ll remember, Bplus was the first developer to formally announce a WiiWare downloadable title. What we discovered from this brief interview was

Reggie tells NY Times it’s good to be on top

Reggie talks Nintendo dominance in speaking with the New York Times during the company’s media summit this past week… “Only twice has one company simultaneously had the No. 1 new hardware console, the No. 1 portable console, the No. 1-selling

Miyamoto: Wii enhancements coming for hardcore gamers

GamePro has a nice ‘lil interview with Shiggy regarding his thoughts on the Wii so far. Here are some choice snippets: “I prepared myself for the possibility that Wii might face an uphill battle in America, so to see that