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Infendo Radio 381 – Mister, Can I Touch your Switch?

There only exists one game in InfendoLand this week, and we are all bursting at the seams to discuss Breath of the Wild! Except for Lukas of course as he plays nearly every game in his library trying to fill

Infendo Radio 380 – The Nightmare Before Switchmas

Infendo Radio is on now! This week we discuss the Switch, Breath of the Wild leaks, and play a round of Nintentunes! We would love for your voice to be heard on the show, so hit us up! Tweet us @infendo, or shoot

Infendo Radio 379 – Set the Course for New Donk City!

Infendo Radio

The waiting game is almost over. Triforce Johnson can finally get out of the cold. It’s Switch week people! In anticipation for the Switch, we speculate about all the things that will have been revealed before weeks end! At least

Infendo Radio 378 – Infendo Season Pass

Infendo Radio

Infendo Radio is on now! Now that we can count the number of days left until the Nintendo Switch is launch with the appendages on both our hands and feet (some of us anyway),  it’s high time that we get

Infendo Radio 377 – The Great Segue Wars

Infendo Radio

They came in the middle of the night, always looking for a smooth transition. When would be the most appropriate time to change the subject? Who will be the one to answer the call, because Infendo Radio is on now!

Infendo Radio 376 – In Mother Russia, Game Play You!

Infendo Radio

So the Super Bowl was a thing. All those big men threw that pigskin real good, which is why I’m confused by everyone screaming GOAT, but you know, sports-ball. Anywho, you heard what the goat-man Tom Brady said about his football