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Cave Story Good Things Coming Soon

There was a rumor on the internet (originating from IGN) that Cave Story was going to launch sometime in September of this year. That would mean a Quarter 3 WiiWare release, however the good people from Nicalis have recently shot

Youtube Tuesday – Custom Sprite Design

Irony alert: Core gamers will save the industry, analysts say

How’s this for some Friday morning irony? Analysts, who at first said the casual audience was a fad, then changed their tune and said they were the future of gaming, have again decided to prove their irrelevancy by saying in

Anguna: Warriors of Virtue and Homebrew Gaming

A few days ago I sat down with Nathan Tolbert creator of an indie game Anguna Warrirors of Virtue for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS and asked him a few questions about the development process of homebrew games.

Get with the holiday spirit 8-bit style!

If you are familiar with the 8-bit music scene then you probably have already heard this album and already know what it’s about. For those of you who don’t know much about the scene, it is basically comprised of people

So World of Goo is pretty much the greatest downloadable game ever

Portal-style writing + Fisher Price meets Tim Burton graphics + brilliant and varied gameplay + Danny Elfman-like music = something truly special. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.