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Review: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [Wii][DS]

Like Treyarch’s other webhead games, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is entirely free-roaming. The island of Manhattan is open for your web-slinging, wall-running pleasure, and it looks fantastic. The graphics are a huge step up from Spider-Man 3 for Wii, the

Infendo Hands-On – Dead Rising: Cream of the Flop

I’m a big fan of zombie mayhem, and with the Xbox 360 hovering just above my price range, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Dead Rising: Chop ‘till you Drop. Screenshots of the Wii version have been heavily criticized for having bad

Is this new generation of gamers killing what we built?

Are we a dying breed of original gamers? This question is always brought to my mind more often when I walk into a game retailer packed full with youngsters eyeing video games tucked away in hand-smudged, glass cases. One of

Guest Column: “Is Casual Killing the Core?” PAX panel

Infendo was lucky enough this morning to hear from a reader who attended PAX last weekend, and his on-the-scene reporting is pretty timely, given the gaming landscape today. “El Hajjish” attended the “Is Casual Gaming Killing Core Gaming?” panel, which

Commonplace criticisms of Wii, Nintendo begin to fade

Remember that damning New York Times piece about Wii, low attach rates and how the system is anathema to “hardcore gamers?” It’s been pretty much summarily attacked all week long as an example of poor reporting (believe me, I can

Ace Combat devs make good on Wii graphics

According to N4G (sourcing Japanese site Famitsu), the above is one of several initial screenshots for the upcoming Wii exclusive game, Sky Crawlers, from the makers of Ace Combat. Looking good, boys (for a cut scene). Who’s got next? Factor?