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3DS vs. PSP, PS2 and GameCube

Most of the chatter we hear about the 3DS is the autostereoscopic 3D screens, but there’s also a huge advancement in it’s graphical capabilities. Although the important part of having good graphics is the talent of the artists that make

High-res Skyward Sword screenshots and artwork galore

Skyward Sword’s art style is remarkable, and somewhat resembles 19th century impressionist art. Zelda Universe has collected a myriad of official screenshots, all at a extremely high resolution for your eyes to marvel at. via Zelda Universe

Skyward Sword trailer is full of bright, vivid colors

It goes without saying that not everyone will be as pleased with the art style of the new Zelda game as I am, but you cannot deny that it looks extremely unique. The important thing is, it looks like tons

The era of HD Gaming is a myth. Or, why there is definitely no Wii HD coming soon

HD gaming, at least as it has been applied to this current generation of consoles by feverish marketing departments who overshot their markets by a mile, is a myth. Always has been. As such, there is almost certainly no Wii

I’ve got your Wii ‘graphical wonder’ right here

Wherein I address one of Infendo’s senior commenters in the post headline– a first! Anyway, we’ve been talking about graphics and shovelware here at Infendo lately (both staffers and commenters, because you’re awesome), and these new screens from the upcoming

Dead Rising’s Isabella really loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

It’s the only way I can explain why she has multiple chins in the Wii version, coming soon, and not in the Xbox 360 version, which has been out for more than a two years. Sure, the Wii’s graphics aren’t