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Nintendo Master of Horror?

  Nintendo has spread itself across almost every imaginable genre, and they seem to do very well in each category.  Although my favorite genre is RPG, I do have a soft spot for Horror games. I was contemplating a top

Will The Vitality Sensor Really Add to the Horror Genre?
A Quick Look at the Science of Fear

I’m not actually a paid journalist. Go figure. I’m just a Nintendo fan boy with an outlet to talk about video games. I’m actually a University student majoring in psychology. The mysteries of the human body and behavior are like

Hands On: Dementium 2 [DS]

A few weeks ago I met with Aubrey, who is a Product Manager at SouthPeak Games, and she gave me a run down on everything Dementium II. If anyone remembers the first game Demetium: the ward, which was released during