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Video: The Animated History of Nintendos Consoles and Handhelds

Animators Anthony Veloso and Quentin Dron have created a clever video that highlights the history of Nintendo’s home consoles and handhelds. Not be confused with Brawl in the Family’s History of Nintendo tribute, the video starts off with the company’s

Besides Game Over and Super Mario, what other Nintendo books are there?

Infendo reader Jason emailed the following question last week: I just finished reading Super Mario by Jeff Ryan and I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed David Sheffs’ Game Over. A few years ago ( I’m currently 37)

Triforce talks Zelda timeline

It has been confirmed previously that a Zelda timeline does in fact exist. Problem is, we probably won’t ever see it for ourselves according to friend of Infendo Triforce Johnson. According to Johnson, Nintendo feels that if the master timeline

What’s your Nintendo launch history?

To my surprise, I realized the 3DS will become only the second Nintendo platform I’ve bought at launch–the first being N64. Ordinarily, I wait until there’s a larger game library. But, just as N64’s virtual Mario universe had me counting

Was touch the secret to DS success?

Since launching nearly six years ago, the Nintendo DS has enjoyed otherworldly success. It has sold faster than any video game system before it. Including both DS Lite and DSi variations, Nintendo has shipped more than 130 million units worldwide,