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More than just an accessory: Enhanced-definition a must on Wii

Ahead of its time when first introduced on last generation consoles, enhanced-definition is old news now. Yet the majority of Wii owners still haven’t upgraded to the superior picture quality that the technology affords. Here’s why.

Poll: Are you using Wii component cables?

Two and a half years since its release, and I hope no one is playing Wii without component cables. While the Wii doesn’t output HD, sold separately component cables allow for an upgrade to “enhanced definition” (aka 480p, progressive scan).

Follow these three simple steps and Mario Galaxy will look like an early Xbox 360 game

This post goes out to my boy Ben Fritz from Variety. He caught flack on Monday for panning Super Mario Galaxy in his review saying the game “looks old fashioned and lifeless” when compared to PS3 graphics. Aside from dismissing

GameCube titles that support 480p/16:9

Many don’t realize just how many Gamecube games have 480p and/or 16:9 widescreen support. Nintendo and other publishers never really promoted the higher resolution due to the general population’s lack of proper HDTVs. Now a few years down the line

Nintendo and the rising continent

Malstrom is at it again. Today he’s delivered us a series of new (and lengthy!) articles about gaming, Nintendo and the future of the industry as a whole. I think with the outrageous success currently being enjoyed by the Wii

Poll: How do you connect Wii to your TV?

Having recently switched from SD to HD using $6 Wii component cables purchased from a Hong Kong Ebay store, I must say I’m truly impressed with Wii’s visuals. Mario Strikers Charged looks positively gorgeous in 480p wide screen, and I