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Oh no! It’s Haunter!! He’s taken over infendo!

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CONTEST! Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

The lovely people over at D3 has sent us a delicious basket of Gaming goodness to give away to one lucky reader. D3 is the publisher of such great games as OneChanbara, 30 Great games, Puzzle Quest, A majority of

Halloween Approaches!

Halloween is only a week away, people! Here at Infendo, we want to see the best dang Halloween costumes around. Send your pics to [email protected] and we’ll display the best! NOTE: That is me as Mario, and I love that

Happy Halloween, Infendo!

What are you doing today/tonight? The wife and I are taking the two little ones trick-or-treating at Novell and Omniture, who both put on big parties, and then later we’ll hit up some houses for more candy. What are you