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The problem with video game marketing today

Here is a recent promotional line taken from a 2K print advert for Top Spin 3, a game I’m particularly excited for excluding the below reason: Evolutionary Visualsâ„¢ (Apparently, 2K owns the trademark on better graphics) – Watch in real

Factor 5: Wii matches PS3, “and then some”

Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht sent Nintendo fans reeling in January when he announced his prestigious team has “at least one all-new Wii project” in development. In an interview earlier this month with IGN’s Matt Casamassina at the annual DICE

The Wii’s Success: It’s time for developers to put up or shut up

OPINION — It’s officially time for 3d party developers to put up or shut up. The act of complaining about developing games for a Nintendo console and turning a profit against the big bad Ninty and its cadre of 1rst

Will Wright: Wii is the only true next generation console

I think I just added Spore creator Wii Wright to my Christmas shopping list. In an interview with Guardian Unlimited Wright, who also created the Sims, called the Wii the only true next-generation console out of the three new console

Indianapolis Legends looks like poop on a stick

Has anyone seen the video for Indianapolis 500 Legends on Wii? It’s a visual mess of a game stuck in the time continuum of 1994, no kidding. The trailer looks and feels like one of those DOS games I played

Nintendo and the rising continent

Malstrom is at it again. Today he’s delivered us a series of new (and lengthy!) articles about gaming, Nintendo and the future of the industry as a whole. I think with the outrageous success currently being enjoyed by the Wii