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Zelda discussion: Does Minish Cap control better than A Link to the Past?

Having played both recently, I think it does. And dare I say it, don’t better controls make for a more enjoyable game?

The Final Word: Why the N64 wasn’t a huge success (and how the next Wii can be)

Looking back on Nintendo systems, it’s easy to see why the NES, GameBoy, DS, and Wii were such successes. The NES had Super Mario Bros. GameBoy had Tetris. DS had Nintendodogs. Wii had Wii Sports. In other words, they all

Youtube Tuesday – Humoresque of a Little Dog

Since he hadn’t played the tune before, Tom takes it at a slow tempo all the way through the first time, rather than speeding up throughout the tune as I indicate on the sheet music, then plays it faster all

Mother 3 Translation updates with Patch 1.1

While visiting around the Mother 3 fan translation website I noticed that they actually updated their blog with some new information. apparently they have updated their translation patch to fix a few bugs and glitches… The new patch fixes all

Game Boy Timeline

After 20 years, the Game Boy really hasn’t changed that much, as this nifty timeline shows. Head on over to Gizmodo for a full resolution image.

Review: 20 Years of Nintendo Power is entertaining history abridged

Scott Pelland can write. As a staff writer and later managing editor of Nintendo Power for 20 years (1987-2007), I can’t think of a better historian to tell “the history of Nintendo through the pages of the official magazine,” which