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Celeste Mountain: Risk the Climb

“This is it, Madeline. Just breathe. Why are you so nervous?” These are the words that greet you when you start up Celeste, a narrative-driven single player precision platformer developed and published by Matt Makes Games. You would be wise

Throw Hands Like a Champ: Arms Tips & Tricks

So you wanna be the next Arms champ, huh? Wear the belt, have the screaming fans chanting your name? Then listen up kid. These are some quick tips to get those Arms of yours in top form.   Buttons or

China To Lift Ban On Video Game Consoles

  For the last thirteen years, China has enforced a pretty tight ban on the sale of video game consoles within their heavily populated country.  However, that ban may soon end, although no official end date has been announced. The

The Life of Video Gamers: A Mockumentary

Work has been pretty busy for me the last few days, and I have had little time to focus on anything else, but today I decided that I needed to take a much needed break and browse the world of

Sequel glut driving players away from consoles to more “original” games on iOS?

That’s what Gamaustrua analyst Matt Matthews suspects: The second point (of last year’s annual console sales) brings out is just how sequel-driven the top end of the market has become. Every game, with exception of Just Dance 2 and Batman: Arkham

PAX East decompression

So who went? What did you think? If you didn’t go, but kept tabs via some other form of online communication…what did you think? Some quick takeaways for me: Awesome show, albeit an overcrowded one that will 100% confirmed be