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Video games seek immunity from used sales, fail to see the irony

Used video games have been around since the early ’80s. But they weren’t a problem in the eyes of developers until the middle of the decade, at which point game sales weren’t growing as fast as they used to. Rather

Confirmed: Black Wii consoles arrive in May

Just as some suspected, black Wii consoles are heading for store shelves on May 9 in the US and May 23 in Canada. The confirmation comes from a GameStop employee who received a monthly shipment from Nintendo containing a poster

GameStop CFO expects ‘very, very strong fall’

Like rustling leaves freed by an October breeze, blockbuster games will be falling from store shelves into consumers’ hands all autumn long. Or so hopes David W. Carlson. The executive vice president and chief financial officer of GameStop, Carlson said

GameStop to hold Punch-Out tournament

PRESS RELEASE—GameStop, the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer, today announced that it will host a nationwide Punch-Out!! video game tournament on the Wii in 2,000 stores on Saturday, May 30, 2009.