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Weekend Discussion: What Can Nintendo Do to Win Back Lost Fans?

I love my Wii U, the games, the features, the game-pad, and just about everything about the console.  In fact, I honestly don’t have any complaints about the console.  However, there are a lot of Nintendo fans that are upset

Are you currently playing a game you’re embarrassed to admit you own? ‘Cause I sure am.

In the past, Infendo has asked its readers to list any games they’d rather not admit they actually bought. Just for fun — and so I can get something off my chest — how about an update to that question:

Playing with power again: Nintendo having a heck of a run this holiday

After one of its worst years since the early ’80s, Nintendo is finishing strong these last couple of months by releasing really good games that are rewarded with strong sales. The company released the marvelous Zelda: Skyward Sword this month,

Poll: Why do only 10% of players finish video games?

I penned a story for CNN last month on why most people didn’t finish video games. The basic rule of thumb, according to developers, is that “90% of players who start your game will never see the end of it unless

Forget hardware: Nintendo’s problem is lack of games

What’s the cause of Nintendo’s current slump? It has nothing to do with hardware, says Kotaku—since 2009, the company has simply stopped making killer-games: Nintendo’s quandary isn’t how to turn the 3DS into the next DS or as an answer

25 GBA games you may have missed

Unofficial Game Boy week continues on Infendo! Amid the final Wii drought and lack of deep 3DS games at the moment, I’ve been having a blast revisiting the Game Boy Advance’s library, most of which I assume many of us