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Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figures: Everything you need to know

At this point, Pokemon Rumble U is the only Wii U game that makes use of the GamePad’s built-in NFC space. At almost any GameStop, you can see for purchase plastic, palm-sized capsules that each carry one small Pokemon figurine.

Eathbound now available on the Wii U Virtual Console

The wait is finally over. Nintendo has announced that the cult-classic SNES RPG, Earthbound, will be available on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America and Europe starting today. First announced for the Virtual Console during an April Nintendo

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate off-TV play update is live!

The Off-TV and cross-region play update for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which was announced before the games release is now available for both Europe and America. As per software updates for all Wii U games, it will be detected the

Miyamoto Interviewed By Polygon

Today Polygon’s interview with the great Shirgeru Miyamoto went up. Although obviously on a tight PR leash, the interview makes an interesting watch or read nonetheless. Miyamoto goes over what he wants to be achieved by the imminent Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and why

What do you think? Will the Wii U change the gaming landscape?

With the Wii U on the horizon, it’s obvious that Nintendo is ready for a change of pace. While the console may not offer the highest specs available, they definitely are on track to change the way we think about