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Controversies stall would-be kart racers

Controversies stall would-be kart racers

Transportation isn’t a problem in the Mushroom Kingdom. Much of its citizenry is capable of self-propelled flight, while others can transform into flying raccoons or spurt wings from their caps. Rumor has it there are even flutists who can travel vast distances simply by whistling a ditty.

Despite an abundance of alternatives, however, virtually everyone within the kingdom’s limits drives a vehicle. From simple go-karts to gigantic gas-guzzling muscle cars, there’s no conveyance too large or too tiny. Bustling beltways and boulevards spread to every corner of the land of mushrooms—oddly, pollution isn’t an issue, either.

After all, the clouds are always smiling.

Posted by Derek 06.12.2009 in All
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Simplicity rules

Simplicity rules

2009-12-04Webcomic master Rosscott is a well known friend to Infendo and Infendo Radio. He’s also got a great wit and an eye for humor in the video game world. But today he really nailed it with his guest strip over at Dueling Analogs. Hat tip, Rosscott! More of Rosscott’s work is available over at The System. I suggest you check it out. Now.

Posted by Jack 04.12.2009 in Uncategorized
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Mario picks up supply of performance enhancing drugs

Mario picks up supply of performance enhancing drugs

zoomNot all of Mario’s power-ups came from question mark blocks.

Posted by Jack 19.05.2009 in All
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Bowser’s personal life shrouded in mystery

Bowser's personal life shrouded in mystery

Over the last 20 years, you’ve chopped bridges from beneath his feet and dropped him into semifluid molten lava. You’ve spun him around by the tail and tossed him face-first into heavy explosives.

And for the most part, Bowser has deserved all of it.

Reflecting on how poorly we’ve treated Mario’s long-time arch nemesis, however, I’m reminded of something I learned a decade ago from an absurdly good-looking man who regularly beat himself to a pulp.

You’re not your job. You’re not your car, and you’re not your friggin’ khakis.

Driven by questions decades in the making and Brad Pitt quotes, Infendo is looking beyond the menacing spikes to explore the real Bowser, what motivates his wickedness and what secrets he hides within the walls of his fortresses. We don’t have psychology degrees, but we did watch Fight Club last night. And that’s a pretty deep movie.

Posted by Derek 16.05.2009 in All
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For the love of Lord Stanley, someone stop him

My friend Sidney Crosby Andy Marino is the king of NHL ’09.

I watched in disbelief as he went undefeated last weekend against some of the best NHL ’09 players I know. Marino stifled offensive juggernauts and danced through the neutral zone against defensive monsters, putting the puck in their nets with stunning frequency.

He talks a lot of trash, too. As much as I hate to do this here, there must be someone out there who can topple this beast. Right?

His weapon is the 360. His gamertag is Swiggins. Do it.

Posted by Derek 01.03.2009 in Uncategorized
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Alec Baldwin hardcore games with his Wii

Have a second? Like blue humor? Then check out Alec Baldwin taking control of yet another SNL sketch by way of a typical Wii-related joke made fresh again.

Video embedded down below.

Posted by Jack 16.02.2009 in All
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