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UK Gets Free 3DS Games

Yes, you did read that right! Nintendo love you and they want to give you games. Unfortunately though, as with anything, there are a couple of requirements. For one you have to be in the UK, and of an age

Free DLC from WayForward is the Way it Should Be

Yesterday’s long-awaited, story-extending DLC for Batman Arkham City, which came with a $10 price tag, reminded me of a similar game-extending gem that hit Nintendo’s e-Shop last week for WayForward’s excellent platformer, Mighty Switch Force. Five new levels, a new

Spectacular 3DS Rayman Origins demo hits eShop

The wait is over; you’re one free download away from finding out just how good one of 2011’s best console games looks and plays on 3DS. Judging from the three levels offered (one normal platform level, one shadow race and

Ambassadors, your GBA games have arrived!

The release began yesterday in Australia and Japan, and continued this morning in Europe and North America; the ten free GBA games for 3DS Ambassadors are now available! If you bought a 3DS and connected to the eShop before the

It’s raining classics!

The Ambassador NES games, as mentioned in the earlier post’s comments below, debuted ahead of schedule this morning! If you bought a 3DS before August 12, you’re now the proud owner of ten free NES games. What do you think?

The full list of Ambassador NES games (at least for Japan)

Nintendo of Japan has revealed all ten of the NES Ambassador games coming free this Thursday to 3DS early adopters: Super Mario Brothers Donkey Kong Jr. Balloon Fight Ice Climber The Legend of Zelda Wrecking Crew NES Open Tournament Golf