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Review – Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor

Shin Megami Tensai: Devil Survivor for the Nintendo DS is a jump into the long line of Shin Megami Tensai games. The series has always dealt with various degrees of biblical ideology; usually involving angels or demons tempting man. Devil

Review – Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

It’s no mystery, I absolutely loved the first Professor Layton game. All the stories about new Layton games and movies in Japan make me green with envy. But finally, I have Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box in my hands

[Review] Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

What makes my Dad and Tiger Woods awesome

I never thought I’d ask for my father’s help in a video game, but I was at my wits end – I was 12 over, behind a tree, in the deep rough, and my hand hurt. Tiger Woods PGA 10

Infendo Reviews “Retro Game Challenge” [DS]

Gamers who grew up with the NES no doubt remember the controller smashing frustration of the 1980s.  Games were unforgiving and unfair, but we loved them anyway – extracting far more joy than anguish from our time with that little

Review: Fireworks dazzle in Big Bang Mini

Sometimes, the best games are the ones you didn’t see coming. Those games are special. Without media hype or a franchise to which they can attach, they fly under the radar, and no one seems to notice. Big Bang Mini

Review – Rock Band 2

The music rhythm genre may be saturated on the Xbox 360 and PS3 due to yearly Guitar Hero and Rock Band editions, but Wii owners are still trying to get a cut of the full band experience pie. Harmonix’s original