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New characters announced for Hyrule Warriors, including Zant and Agitha

New screenshots on Nintendo’s console gaming Facebook page show a few new characters in action in Hyrule Warriors: Lana (a newcomer; shown above), Agitha, and Zant (both from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). It’s hard to tell, but from

Infendo reader hosting Mario Kart 8 tourney May 30

Longtime Infendo reader MikeIsaPoet will be hosting an Infendo-endorsed Mario Kart 8 tournament on the evening of the game’s release, May 30. Mike was involved in the creation of a Wii U-centered Facebook group that’s the main hub for the

Miiverse adds Facebook and Twitter sharing

The Miiverse is about to get connected with four major social media networks for extended sharing. Today, Nintendo announced that the browser version of Miiverse will now allow for Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, and Tumblr sharing for posts. The new functionality

Would Facebook make a good platform for gamers to connect?

Facebook games….well they kind of suck. There has yet to be a game on the social media network that has compelled me for more than maybe a week at a time (although PopStocks surely was very close to doing just

Pre-Wii U launch event message from Reggie

Nothing beyond the obvious is provided in this latest preview video from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, but it doesn’t ease our patience. Nintendo will be live-streaming tomorrow’s Wii U launch event on their Facebook page, but it is

Nintendo of Europe Confirms: Mii Verse Will Not Connect to Facebook or Twtter

It seems that Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are controlling the internet these days.  When I want to research a new company, product, or even a person, the first question I ask is, “Do they have a Facebook?”  This is