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Nintendo to hold Smash Bros. Invitational at E3 2014

For E3 2014, aside from the usual banter of video game announcements, Nintendo has announced they will hold a 16-player Super Smash Bros. tournament at the annual event. Dubbed the Super Smash Bros. Invitational, the tournament will coincide with a

Nintendo to host pre-E3 presentation

Despite holding back on a major E3 event, Nintendo will instead be hosting a presentation prior to E3 2013. The presentation will commence the Tuesday before the expo’s show floor opens to attendees In addition, the media-only presentation will be

Modern “Nintendo Championships” a worthwhile event, says one Infendo reader

Infendo reader Brysson Blackwell writes in: I competed in the parent teen division this weekend at the Wii Summer Games and took second place. In the final, we were on stage in front of about a 1,000 people. It was

Nintendo World Store Muramasa Event.
Pictures and More

Today I headed to New York City to check out the Muramasa launch event at the Nintendo World Store. There was tons of little events going on inside the store all related to Murasmasa such as getting your picture taken

Nintendo World transformed into Fuedal Japan
Muramasa and the Demon Blade Event

This Saturday at noon at the Nintendo World Store in New York City, the Nintendo World Store will be transformed into feudal Japan for a pre-release launch of Muramasa. Along with the release of Muramasa 3 days early, the first

Free Show – UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra

Has anyone ever gone to a good video game show? If so, where event was it and what games were featured? [More Info Here]