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Official Release: Final Reverie, Inspired by Early Final Fantasy Games

Since the first installment of Final Fantasy was released, I was hooked on the adventure, trials, and tribulations that the characters experienced upon their journeys.  As a writer, I tend to focus on horror as a genre, but I always

Weekend Discussion: 90’s Nintendo

I know that I have not posted here in a while.  However, I saw this advertisement today and thought it would be a great discussion topic. Branding is an important aspect of any company.  When we see golden Arches, we

Kickstarter Alert: ‘NES” by Richie Palys

  I am a sucker for video game music, even those of the early beginnings that seem more like beeps and boops compared to today’ symphonies.  In my younger years, I could imagine the Mario Bros. or Zelda musical scores

8-Bitty Retro Controller for iPad and iPhone

Many of us have begun to pass the time playing our retro favorites on our mobile devices.  The downside is that the placing our thumbs on the touch screen tends to obstruct the view of the screen, especially if you