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Trade used games in-store to Walmart for store credit starting March 26

Retail giant Walmart is planning to begin an in-store video game trade-in program starting March 26. It’s as simple as taking your old games in for store credit of up to $35.

The service is currently available online, for both games and consoles. When the in-store service launches on the 26th, consoles will be excluded. I experimented a bit with the online calculating system. It’s very intuitive and accepts a wide variety of Nintendo games (I successfully calculated prices for Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS titles), but the trade-in prices are unsurprisingly low.

It will be interesting to see how the in-store equivalent stacks up. It may be even more interesting to see how this affects GameStop, the nation’s number one gaming retailer and seller of used games.

What does this news mean to you? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Posted by Holly Fellmeth 18.03.2014 in All
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Would you buy this version of Portal on DS?

Some homebrewers are just amazing. Take for example what modder Smealum has done on the DS. While his work is still in the early stages (he has been working on his project for six months), what he has done on the aging hardware is pretty amazing.

Obviously he won’t be able to monetize his project without the permission of Valve, but the company has a history of allowing fan projects such as this to not only exist, but sometimes they gobble the talent up into their company. Portal 3DS anyone?

What do you think? If by some act of God this turns up on the eShop, would you pay for the game?

Posted by Eugene Allen 11.02.2013 in All
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This isnt Nintendos first rodeo: Retrospective of Nintendo Online

This isnt Nintendos first rodeo: Retrospective of Nintendo Online

The Wii U launch is nearing folks, and even though we know a ton about the console, there are still plenty of question marks, namely the way users will connect with each other online. Surprisingly, Nintendo has been taking their consoles online since 1995, far sooner than either Microsoft or Sony had even thought about making a gaming console. Click on through to take a tour of Nintendo’s foray into the world of online.

Super Famicom – Satellaview

Did you know that as far back as the mid-90’s, Nintendo was already toying with the idea of a connected console? The Satellaview system was developed by Nintendo as an add-on adapter for the Super Famicom. The adapter came bundled with an 8M Memory Pak and the BS-X Game Pak.

The Satellaview wasn’t exactly online as we know it today. There was no online multiplayer. There was no voice chat. You couldn’t even send a text message to other players. No, the Satellaview was all about delivering extra content to players on a TV broadcast-like schedule. Users could get on their Satellaview at certain times of day to download game episodes. Digital magazines and software versions of NES and SNES games were also broadcast every day, giving users extra content to play while waiting for the next episode of their favorite game.

Non-game content was also distributed through the Satellaview, such as digital versions of magazines, music, and comedic performances. Nintendo also released beta versions of upcoming student projects on the service.

Sadly, the Satellaview experiment was eventually discontinued. From April 23, 1995 to June 30, 2000, content was broadcast to the console via the BS network. Following a disagreement between St. GIGA (the company responsible for broadcasting the signals to the console) and Nintendo in April 1999, the partnership between the two companies ended causing Nintendo to drop support for the console. St. GIGA continued to broadcast without Nintendo until June of the following year, until it ceased to support the Satellaview at all.

Posted by Eugene Allen 23.10.2012 in All
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Sony Says Nintendo Is Always A Competitor

Sony Says Nintendo Is Always A Competitor

With the announcement that a future software update will allow the Vita to become a controller for the PS3 (similar to the Wii U Gamepad), Sony also admitted that Nintendo will always be a competitor.  However, Jim Ryan, Chief Executive of PlayStation, also stated that the DS and Vita are two different devices that can live in harmony, side by side.

“I think the gaming offerings of 3DS and Vita are so different right now that I think there’s plenty of space for both systems to live side by side quite happily.”

“I think over time that the PlayStation Vita will – like all consoles to – skew to a younger demographic, so there will be some collision there.”

Now, Jim Ryan seems to be directing most of his focus on the Ds/Vita aspect of the business, but it is obvious that Sony is trying to use the Vita as an all around device to be used with the PS3, but is it too soon?  Either way, of the big three, only Sony and Nintendo have handhelds, so it is obvious that Nintendo will always be competition with Sony, at least until/if Microsoft releases one.

If you missed the story on the Vita/PS3 marriage, click here.

Do you think that Sony has jumped the gun with their software update, or do you think that their use of the Vita as a PS3 controller was a smart move?  What about their thoughts on living in harmony with the 3DS for the time being, are they just trying to ease their minds, or hide their downfalls?

Posted by Essel Pratt 17.08.2012 in All
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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gameplay From Japan

As I mentioned in a previous podcast, I was a little worried that the New Super Mario Bros. 2 would focus too much on the coin collection, and not enough on the actual game play or storyline.  I think that I might have judged the game too soon.

Japan has released two commercials that show a bit more of the game play, including a Giant Boo, a possible Koopalings chase, giant rocks falling under water, and a gold/silver Mario running alongside each other.  It also shows a bit more of the two player mode.  I am still not a fan of the two play er mode, possibly due to the poor demo at E3.

What do you think of the below video, does it make you want the game even more?

YouTube Preview Image







Posted by Essel Pratt 18.07.2012 in All
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Pokémon Black & White 2 is a Hit in Japan

Pokémon Black & White 2 is a Hit in Japan

Pokémon Black and White 2 are easily two of the most anticipated games of the year.  Here in North America, “Fall 2012″ will not get here soon enough.  We may have a couple more months to wait, however Japan saw the release on Saturday, June 23rd.

Sales on the release date surpassed all first day sales of the year, so far.  With an astonishing 1,618,621 copies sold the games have quickly become not only the fastest selling game of the year, but also the only game in 2012 to surpass 1 million in sales on day one.  Pokémon Black and White 2 has also become the third fastest selling DS game of all time.

Although the sales numbers were stellar, we have to take a moment to compare it to the original Black and White game’s sales.  At launch, the original had sold just over 2.6 million copies during the first weekend.

Now that Pokémon Black and White 2 have been released in Japan, are you more anxious for the North American release?


Posted by Essel Pratt 26.06.2012 in All
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