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Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class kart is heading to Mario Kart 8 in the west

The official Nintendo of America Twitter account has announced that the GLA-Class kart from Mercedes-Benz is heading to western copies of Mario Kart 8. We’re planning to release a GLA-Class kart from @Mercedesbenz for #MK8 this summer. Stay tuned for

Free Zelda themed DLC coming tomorrow for Sonic Lost World

Similar to the Yoshi’s Island-inspired free DLC that Sonic Lost World received at the end of last year, new DLC will be released tomorrow, March 27, this time in the spirit of The Legend of Zelda. This time around, Sonic

eShop details emerge, Super Mario Land and Alleyway rated for ESRB

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) are rather notorious for leaking titles before they were ment to be revealed, and thanks to them we now have a good idea of what to expect for next week’s eShop launch. The ESRB

Nintendo + Best Buy = 3DS download service

Next time you walk into your local Best Buy make sure you bring your 3DS with you. Nintendo has just announced a partnership with Best Buy in which the retailer will provide access to “exclusive offers as well as additional entertainment

Looking to the Game Boy future of 3DS

For me one of the biggest draws of the 3DS, as it was with the Wii, is the ability to play classic games via each systems respective virtual consoles. With the 3DS in particular, I can’t wait to get my

DSi, and others, herald a glorious end to physical media

Don’t be fooled by the cameras and whatnot. The recently launched Nintendo DSi is all about downloads. The oft-rumored PSP2, which I’m 99.9% sure will lack a UMD drive or physical media drive of any kind, will be completely DLC-driven