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Classic Commercials – Kirby Super Star

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Classic Commercials – Pokemon Stadium – Japan

The transfer pack was what it was all about. Who here remembers busting that bad boy open and playing Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow on their TV? Good times.

Classic Commercials – Star Fox: Assault

One of Nintendo’s last high production value commercials before the casual marketing tactic took over. It’s not too bad, eh?

Classic Commercials – Super Mario All-Stars – Japan

Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy II

Anyone else feel like sitting back and booting up a nice 20+ hour long RPG? Now where did I put that cartridge…

Classic Commercials – Super Mario Sunshine

Hmm…I can see where Nintendo was headed with this marketing style, but it seemed to fail on all fronts. One of my favorite underrated titles on the old purple lunch box. Those water effects/physics still amaze me. Where’s my ‘New