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Pre-Nintendo Direct News?

As I surfed the web today, in search of Nintendo news, I was immediately reminded that APPLE owns today.  Almost every web search resulted in at least three of the top five articles referencing APPLE and the iPhone 5, although

Demo this dog, dang it!

Look, I know Nintendogs + cats isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Honestly, I understand (animal haters!) But now that eShop has a FREE DEMO of N+c available for download RIGHT NOW, every 3DS owner should give it a spin. Why?

Review: Nintendogs + cats = Strange, lovable and amazing

If you’re looking for a cartridge that includes Samus Cat, classical music, 3D dog poop, birds flying at your face, Elvis hairdos, RC helicopters and an entire house themed around Super Mario Brothers…boy, have I got a game for you!

Five reasons I still love Nintendogs…and can’t wait for the 3DS sequel

I’m not ashamed to admit I bought my DS to play Nintendogs. When a friend showed me his polygon-pup spinning to the spoken command, “Hurricane Kick,” I realized that, yes, I did want a virtual canine after all. In fact,

Deadmau5 has Wii, likes to tease cats

In addition to making awesome house music—the best since Daft Punk—Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5) owns a Wii. And likes to tease cats, apparently.