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Some guy on the internet: “3DS will be $99 soon and likely discontinued”

PROLOGUE: If you think everyone should share your view of reality, or if you become enraged when encountering a difference of opinion, I advise you to skip this post. In other words, hang on, Nintendo fans. This is gonna hurt: Nintendo is expected to

Nintendo Power publisher considering magazine closure

Realizing that print media was becoming niche, Nintendo sold the Nintendo Power publishing rights in 2007 to a British company named Future. Turns out, Nintendo Power might not have much of a future, at least in its current print form.

Here’s why Nintendo’s 3DS target is off by a whopping 75%

Just how bad is 3DS performing? In case it wasn’t obvious, let the numbers do the talking. According to Reuters, Nintendo is hoping to sell 16 million 3DS units by the end of the year. After selling more than 3 million units

Could Iwata’s days be numbered?

The evidence is fairly obvious- Nintendo’s change in business strategy under the leadership of CEO and President, Satoru Iwata, brought the company back from the depths. Back in the GameCube days of the early 2000’s, many had ultimately consigned Nintendo

A book you should read, and this is no strategy guide

Published August 4, 2011, authored by Jeff Ryan, that book is Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America. It contains a concise history of Nintendo’s efforts to find success in the American market. It’s a short read, and quite shallow, but

For any who still don’t view Apple as Nintendo’s biggest competitor, read this

Acutely summarized by 1up: Some would argue that the model used by Nintendo is outdated; people would rather spend $0.99 on an app than $39.99 on a new game. While the average App Store game might not have the same level