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Yet another reason Canada rocks

Canada abounds in treasures: spectacular scenic wonders, beautiful cities, rich history, amazing wildlife, a terrific national anthem, Mounties, the Calgary Stampede, Victoria Harbour…and a town that shares its name with my favorite Nintendo character.

If I ran a theme park, it would be “Super Mario Country”

Universal Florida has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Disneyland Resort will have the huge, amazing Cars Land in 2012. If I had my own theme park, you can bet I’d try to get the rights for a Super Mario

From the desk of Rosscott

Let’s see here… Bad pun? Check. Web design reference? Check. Old school video game reference? Check. That seems to be the ultimate formula. See more at [notquitewrong.com]

Artwork mashes Mario with Monster Hunter

“Hunting Season” by DeviantArt member ~xiaobaosg depicts a world where Mario and an even more dinosaur-like Bowser (definitely Ankylosaur) must confront, well, actual dinos. (via The Daily What)

Bowser’s personal life shrouded in mystery

Over the last 20 years, you’ve chopped bridges from beneath his feet and dropped him into semifluid molten lava. You’ve spun him around by the tail and tossed him face-first into heavy explosives. And for the most part, Bowser has