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Review: Wii Fit works out

Bob was a big guy. Manly. Six foot four and full of muscles, or so the song goes. He doesn’t really “get” what Nintendo is trying to do with the whole “Blue Ocean” strategy. He owns a Wii, though, and

Hudson: Control Tetris with your feet using Wii Balance Board

From Siliconera this morning comes word that Hudson’s upcoming online Tetris title could have a very interesting new feature. Will Tetris for WiiWare have any new features other than Mii support or online play? Maybe drag and drop play like

Wii Fit – The path to fitness begins with a single step

Well, in case David’s New Game Get for this week was somehow missed by your prying eyes, Nintendo wants you to know that this week is Wii Fit week (and maybe Star Soldier R, I’m not sure yet). I’ll be

Expert ‘aghast’ at idea of Wii Fit for kids

Video games just can’t win. First, it was violence. Then, sex. And today? It seems as though one expert believes Wii Fit will kill it some young kids something fierce. Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum is calling for

Rayman Raving Rabbids 3 Teaser

Throwing in Balance Board support with a waggle fest should make for some hilarious stuff. Question: When will Rayman be taken out of the title?

The Wii Fit Balance Board is a console

“I have an idea for an Infendo post you should do…” — Sean Malstrom And so began this simple post on an extraordinary idea. Perhaps a bit crazy too, but then again all disruptive technologies are labeled as such before