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Ever wonder what a Metroid would look like?

A very dedicated video gamer and artist has drawn a really realistic drawing of a Metroid. The drawing reveals all sorts of muscle tissue and other things that probably wouldn’t be seen in a 3D Model. You can check out

Mario eats maturity mushroom

A mature Mario Bros.? I’d play it, or at least watch the anime movie spectacular.

Super Mario Sushi

Probably not available at PAX, although I wouldn’t be surprised. [Teefury – 8 hours left as of this posting]

Just being modest?

Shigeru Miyamoto Has Never Called Video Games Art Hey! Me neither, but maybe he was just being modest in this case. Super Mario Bros., et al, are certainly masterpieces of some kind.

Smash Bros. like you’ve never seen them before (and hopefully ever again)

I freely admit that this is the first time something related to Super Smash Bros. Brawl has frightened me. A little. More eeriness here. That said, Zero Suit Samus is, as ever, still sexy.