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Rumor: Price chopped 3DS is already being targeted for a major do-over

When it rains it pours: Nintendo is allegedly sending the 3DS back to the shop for a major 2012 overhaul, including a head-scratching $10 add-on thumbstick that will attach to the devices’s right side and a decreased emphasis on 3D

U.S. Wii owners can go to the dark side for the holidays

Japan’s already been reveling in all that is black and plastic ever since Nintendo introduced a black Wii and black peripherals in that market this past August (yes, it really is September already). Now it’s our turn! Well, it will

Wii accessory creep spreads to DS with Band Hero

Like a virus, the plastic parade—well-known to Wii folk—has spread in earnest to the DS with the upcoming Band Hero. Where once there was a smattering of cool Arkanoid spinners and the occasional bulky faux-guitar grip now stands a pile

There might be something to this Wii MotionPlus thing…

First party Nintendo titles? MotionPlus don’t need no stinkin’ first party titles. It’s sold 500,000 units since launch on the strength of Tiger Woods alone (and to a lesser extent Grand Slam Tennis). A bit less than half of that

Trim console clutter to two best accessories

Scientists estimate one Wii dies every hour, an unfortunate victim of suffocation beneath heaps of unnecessary, cheap plastic peripherals. Accessories for the Wii and DS have gotten out of hand, and a short walk through your local Target or Wal-Mart