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Infendo’s top 10 best Nintendo games of 2010

What were the best Nintendo games released over the last 12 months for either Nintendo DS or Wii? I asked notable Infendo staffers to name their picks. Here’s what they said.

PAX 2010 packs it in

I attended the Penny Arcade Expo at the Convention Center in Seattle for the second year in a row, booth babin’ it up for Fugazo, a Seattle area developer promoting their new WiiWare title, Frobot. So I had to spend

Red Steel 2 coming March 26 (23 for you lucky Yanks!)

Ubisoft, via the latest trailer for the sequel to their Wii launch title, has revealed that Red Steel 2 will be dropping stateside on March 23, whilst us across the pond will have to twiddle our thumbs for another 72

Netflix arrives on Wii Spring 2010

It’s official! The New York Times revealed today that Netflix will be bringing their online media streaming service to the Nintendo Wii this spring.

Gaming’s most recognizable character revealed

Who is the most recognizable video game character according to the 2010 Gamers’ Edition of the Guiness World book of records? Hit the jump to find out!

Looking into 2010, New Nintendo Handheld?

This thought has been plauging me since 2009 faded into a dream: the Nintendo DS is on its last legs. It is arguably the most successful video game system ever created, and has now been out for just over five