Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 11th character revealed

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Nintendo Power quietly revealed another new character for Super Smash Bros. Brawl last month (in the May 2007 issue). A non-Zero Suit version of Samus was profiled in the magazine’s monthly Smash Files feature. We already knew that Zero Suit Samus was going to be in the game, but we had yet to see any confirmation of plain ol’ orange Samus showing up for the fight. Not a huge revelation, but still exciting. The June 2007 issue of Nintendo Power runs a profile of Zero Suit Samus.

Full list of characters revealed so far: Solid Snake, Mario, Pit, Kirby, Wario, Pikachu, Meta Knight, Link, Fox McCloud, Samus Aran, and Zero Suit Samus.

Are two Samuses (Sami?) too many? What other character variations do you want to see in this highly anticipated Wii title?

24 Responses to “Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 11th character revealed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Damn you, Infendo…

    I thought this was breaking news, something that we didn’t already know; I know you guys were just reporting that it was made official, but, we DID already know this: Suited Samus was featured in the original trailer, and the developer himself stated that both Samuses (Sami?) would be in the game.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure the developer (what’s his name again?) said that they’d be one in the same, and that you have to use that super blaster thing to blow off Samus’s suit, and then Zero-Suit Samus would emerge.

    Either way… boo for misleading title!

  2. Anonymous says:


    If NP had no problem unveiling Samus as a confirmed character, I have no problem with Infendo reporting this

  3. Oscar says:

    Is it just me who thinks that Zero Suit Samus should be a hidden and unlockable character? I mean, how cool wouldn’t it be if you managed to finish single player story mode with Samus Aran and then some awesome movie shows off and you get this new character… Zero Suit Samus!

    Damn, I would I have liked that.

  4. Shinn says:

    Hardly exciting but I agree with Oscar that Zero Suit Samus should have been an unlockable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe is SA-X, with different moves and everything.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think I’d rather wait till I play the game to know what all the characters are. Just me wanting to earn knowledge not be given it.

  7. gojiguy says:

    I think the only character cuts should be Pichu and Falco. I hate them both. Falco more than Pichu. I wanna see more F-Zero characters and Pokemon characters. Imagine a Deoxys where color-swapping actually chooses one of the four forms (attack, Defense, Speed, Normal). I think that characters with color-swaps serve as new characters themselves. ie. Yellow Peach=Daisy.

  8. Ben says:

    wheres SONIC?????!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Liraco says:

    I get the feeling Zero Suit is just a transformation like Zelda to Shiek. We can’t say it hasn’t been done before, so I’m not too worried.

    I would really hope none of the previous characters get shanked.

  10. Ski says:

    bikini samus would be cool hehehe

  11. Anonymous says:

    I want Fierced Deity Link. A lot. And Paper Mario…

  12. r. says:

    8-bit SMB1 Mario & Wind Waker Link. and The Duck Hunt Dog. and Miis

  13. Soup says:

    oh lord, a little Mii Parade item that, when picked up, unleases a tidal wave of stampeding Miis that flood the screen, washing away the opposition.

    I LOVE IT.

    Anyway, ditto to cel-shaded Link and Paper Mario. I think there will be some sort of Big Boss or Liquid Palette swap of Solid Snake, but I _really_ want StarTropics’ Mike Jones (Yoyo FTW!) and Surprise Challenger Captain N!

  14. Anonymous says:


    but yes. it’s a shame


  15. Walter says:

    i think making zero suit samus like zelda/shiek would be cool except she would then lose another move. how to deal with that. i love all of her moves right now, and think she should even gain a hyper dash.

  16. johnny milkshark says:

    It’s about time King Hippo stepped into the Smash Bros. Arena

  17. Francisco says:

    I’ve been hoping for a Sheik/Zelda like transformation since I saw Zero-Suit Samus. I’ll be very disappointed if she turns out to be a separate character. I hated almost all of the character doubles in SSBM. Pichu, Roy, Doctor Mario and Young Link. Falco served his purpose as did Gannondorf (Who is a copy of Captain Falcon)

  18. Anonymous says:



  19. Drahken says:

    Yeah, the official Brawl website confirmed a LONG time ago that Samus will remove her Power Suit ‘under certain conditions’, but the means of which have not been released”. (quote from Brawl’s wiki page.)

  20. Drahken says:

    Yeah. The official Brawl website confirmed a LONG time ago that “Samus will remove her Power Suit ‘under certain conditions’, but the means of which have not been released.” (quoted from Brawl’s wiki page.)

  21. Drahken says:

    shoot. sorry about the double post. The first post didn’t show up and I thought I’d hit “preview” but not “publish”. So once again, sorry.

  22. Sonicshadow says:

    I would like Sonic in the game. and shadow too. Like Peach->Daisy with color change, Sonic->Shadow

  23. Eldar Muhamed Alic says:

    I wan’t sonic,shadow and aspeseshally knuckles to be in super smash brothers brawl!!!!please please please!!!!

  24. Eldar says:

    knuckleses special should be an earth tremor,so foes get blasted away to their doom.

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