Sonic Lost Worlds Parkour Element Explained


An exciting new element within Sonic Lost World is the inclusion of the Parkour system.  Game designer Takashi Lizuka explained the technique to Polygon to tell us just how helpful it will be within the game.

“It is far easier for usability but it also gives players the ability to use the special actions better. So for example, when Sonic is leaping over a wall, you could just let him leap normally over a wall, but if you time the jump button press correctly, then he’ll make an extra dash forward. So there is ease of use but it also but there is also depth where you can anticipate what you are going to do and make those moves even faster.”

He went on to say.

“Part of the thinking of parkour system from the beginning was kind of reduce the frustration of running along with Sonic and running into a wall you come to a complete stop. So it is there to help players out.  With the past games — Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours and Sonic Generation — we’ve had side view and forward view and with this gameplay we wanted to take a step forward and do some new things and kind of add new challenges. We’ve always wanted to add that replay path because it has that re-playability and people see things and wonder ‘Ahh! How do I get over there?’ It kind of gives you motivation to go back and explore.”

With new power ups, a forward facing perspective, and the inclusion parkour, I am even more  excited for this game that I was before the reveal.  How do you feel about the game?

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  1. Joel Marquez says:

    This looks awesome; I want this! ;__;

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