Sneak Peek: How Wii U Tablet Controller will be Utilized in Assassin’s Creed 3

One of my biggest complaints about games is how they access the inventory menus.  Some games allow you to access the menu when walking around, or exploring.  Some  games will not allow you to access the menu during a battle.  My favorite inventory menu scenario is when I need to gain access to a life saving elixir, Pause the game, take the elixir, take a bathroom break, come back, un-pause, and BAM I am blindsided by the jerk that forced me to use the elixir in the first place.

The geniuses (yes they are geniuses, aren’t all Nintendo employees?) behind the Wii U have given us a glimpse of how the tablet will help alleviate some of the forementioned issues.  The tablet will link to the Animus, which will allow the player to use the tablet as their start menu.  You can use it to quickly switch your weapons, use your Eagle Vision, or just as a plain old on screen map.  below are some bullet points with a bit more detail:


  • Wii U tablet controller can act as some form of link to the Assassin’s Creed “Animus”
  • Wii U tablet Animus can be used as a persistent on-screen map and navigation tool.
  • Animus Database entries that may pop up from time to time, could be displayed on the touchscreen instead and not interrupt the flow of the game.
  • The Animus can also act as an encyclopedia of information. Character biographies and bits of information that  would normally be cast aside could be displayed on the touchscreen (take a break and read up on the side story & character history while eating dinner?).
  • Easy touchscreen weapon selection during combat. Quick change from dual-wield combat to single with a simple touch.
  • Using the touchscreen as an alternate view for Eagle Vision. Using the built-in accelerometer to control the camera view while in Eagle Vision.

Now, not all of this is new news since the previews at E3 gave us a bit of a sneak peek, but a lot of the information is updated.

I am excited to see how the Wii U tablet will differentiate the game from its Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts?  My guess is that the Wii U will have a distinct advantage.  What are some of your expectations of the Wii U tablet?


6 Responses to Sneak Peek: How Wii U Tablet Controller will be Utilized in Assassin’s Creed 3

  1. monkat says:

    Title: *Sneak. While this is a common error on the internet (largely because it is so often paired with Peek, and for whatever reason we want to think that the two words have that sort of connection), ‘Sneek’ is not a word.

    Middle of first paragraph: *favorite (uncapitalized – this aint no German!); *pause

    Second paragraph: forementioned or aforementioned are one word. When ‘fore’ is not used as a prefix, it refers to direction or golf; on-screen; Below

    When you refer to the ‘geniuses at E3’, are you being sarcastic? It sounds like it, this situation having nothing to do with their intelligence, but they’ve done nothing but good for the press.

    “I am excited to see how …. ?” Pretty sure that’s not interrogative/introspective, though I could be wrong!

    Anyway, on the actual content, I think that while this stuff will be cool it will also not be something that would encourage me to buy the Wii U version (along with the system!) over the other versions. I mean, it reminds me of a lot of DS games, and while those additions (map screen, inventory, database entries, etc.) were cool, they weren’t game-changing and they weren’t what made the DS worth it.

  2. Âlvärö says:

    Hehe grammar police!!
    I agree with Monkat…this are not experience changers but will be nice to have.

    My doubt is: won’t it ruin the gameplay if I have to constantly look down to my controller screen? Will I have to pause anyway to look at maps and menus?

  3. Jmyr says:

    I do agree that the tablet could make games a bit more difficult. Depending on the game, that could really suck or make it extremely fun. Until it actually comes out and we can test it, there is no reason to hate it yet.

    As for the grammar…wow…let me guess, you work in a mall and have nothing better to do than pick out these simple mistakes. Lol Monkat, I see mistakes in most articles on here, but there is no need to call them out.

  4. EdEN says:

    @Jmyr: How would the tablet make them more difficult if it has all the same inputs PLUS the touchscreen?

  5. Jmyr says:

    I guess at this point, I don’t know. I am hoping that it makes gameplay more exciting, by unlike a ds, the touch screen and your tv screen will not be right above and below each other. So, looking down constantly at the touch screen could make it a bit more difficult.

  6. Madel says:

    The new Wii U tablet controller is very exciting, no doubt. However, one of my biggest concerns about it is battery life…
    I don’t want to suddenly have to recharge the batteries every 2 hours gaming session. This would be so annoying.

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