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Enough is Enough: Make classic Nintendo titles free for Switch owners

Confession time: Sometimes I like to lurk through unfinished Infendo articles from years ago just for kicks. I found one by an apparently ex-Infendo writer named Michael titled “Should Super Mario Bros Be Free To Play”. While the article wasn’t

List of The Best Nintendo Remote Control Cars

While I was growing up, I enjoyed playing different Nintendo RC games. Nintendo has been a household name over the years when it comes to toys and games. It’s no surprise that I’ve grown to be passionate about their RC

Jest In Time: A look back at the clowns of Nintendo

Lola Pop, the newest addition to ARMS, might have you thinking Nintendo’s just clowning around with their character design. But a look back at Nintendo’s long game design history actually reveals an affinity for these face-painted juggalos. Here’s a look

Does the Nintendo Switch have a secret internet browser?

We all know how the Nintendo Switch has become one of the gaming success stories of the year. With 4.7 million units sold in just four months, it’s clear that the Japanese gaming brand have once again defied the doubters

Nintendo Launches Switch Online App: Is Nintendo Ahead or Still Playing Catch-up?

Nintendo’s always been a brand that’s cultivated strong devotion in its fans. After the underwhelming commercial success of the Wii U, the gaming giant looks like it’s turned the tide with the Switch, with nearly five million consoles already sold

Justin’s List of the Best Nintendo Games

A Nigh Impossible Task When I found out we would each be doing our own separate Top 10 Nintendo lists, I first thought “This will be a cinch. I can easily think of 10 best ever Nintendo games.” Then Steve