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Infendo updates, Infendo Radio, and more

Infendo, Infendo Radio

Hellooooooooo Infendo! Lots of stuff happening in Infendoland this week so let’s get right to it! If you haven’t heard the news, Infendo is under new ownership, oh hey that’s me! My name is Eugene and I used to contribute

Happy Birthday, old friend. Nintendo turns 125 today

Today is Nintendo’s 125th birthday. Time to celebrate. For many, we know the story of how a small Japanese hanafuda card company rose to prominence during the 1970s and 80s to become the gaming giant it is today. Fans and

Reggie: Nintendo is and always will be an entertainment company

Reggie Fils-Aime spoke to the Seattle Times recently and stated that he does not view Nintendo as a “gaming” company, but rather as an entertaining company. “We’ve always been an entertainment company,” he said. Maybe that is why the Nintendo

The History of Nintendo, The Musical

To celebrate their 400th comic strip, Brawl in the Family creator Matthew Taranto put together a wonderful and well-thought out musical number chronicling the long history of Nintendo as a special gift to his fans. At just under four minutes, Taranto

Club Nintendo Japan…is Why We Should All Move to Japan

Club Nintendo’s been around for a while now. We’ve all (or at least I hope we all) have been punching those first-party game registration codes into the site for years in hopes that someday, some amazing reward will catch our

Happy Birthday Nintendo!

Let us get three cheers for our favorite gaming company, Nintendo! We’ve been with you through the good times. When you made cards, that were exclusive to Japan in the style of Hanafuda. We were there for the slightly awkward