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Miyamoto on game ownership: Operate like a toy company

Today, Miyamoto offered his thoughts on Microsoft’s controversial approach to game ownership and why game companies should allow the customer to retain the use of their property. Speaking with Eurogamer, Miyamoto states that a consumer has the right to keep

Miyamoto feels responsible for slugging Wii U sales

In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto opened up on why the Wii U has been off to a slow start this console generation. In part, Miyamoto feels he’s partially responsible that the

Miyamoto Interviewed By Polygon

Today Polygon’s interview with the great Shirgeru Miyamoto went up. Although obviously on a tight PR leash, the interview makes an interesting watch or read nonetheless. Miyamoto goes over what he wants to be achieved by the imminent Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and why

Miyamoto Turns 60

It’s hard to believe that Shigeru Miyamoto is turning 60 tomorrow, or today, if you’re already past the 12AM mark somewhere in the world! Here’s to many more years of great games from Shiggsy!

Miyamoto and Tezuka Answer The Hard Questions

The Mario universe is filled with all sorts of wacky character’s and situations.  One burning question I have always wondered is, Who exactly is Bowser Jr.’s mom?  Luckily, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka sat down with Game Informer to discuss

Miyamoto wins top Spanish prize

Looks like Shigeru Miyamoto has another award to add his ever-growing trophy case. And no, Miyamoto did not just survive the annual Running of the Bulls by himself, but rather Spain’s prestigious Prince of Asturias prize for communications and humanities. In addition,