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Chew on this: The Game Boy launched for $89.95

Crazy, no?

Game Boy Virtual Console coming to 3DS when it launches next Feb

Infendo reader WII-LUIGI$ writes: Looks like our dreams for a Virtual Console on DS is FINALLY coming true! Virtual Console now comes to the Nintendo 3DS when the 3DS is released 2/26/2011 in Japan. It only tells that Game Boy

Video: The history of the Game Boy

Although the Game Boy is no longer Nintendo’s best-selling system (that would be DS now), this dated video does a good job highlighting the awesomeness of the Game Boy.

Game Boy the original Brick of Soap?

I was stumbling around Etsy last night and happened to come across a very interesting find. Soap in the shape of an original Game Boy. From the description on the page… (The) Game Boy Soap is the same size as

Reminiscing peripherals: Super Game Boy

Serving as a precursor to the Game Boy Player, the Super Game Boy sold for $60 in 1994. Appearing like a tall SNES cartridge, the attachment could playback Game Boy games with a limited color pallet. Yet another useful Nintendo

Reminiscing peripherals: The Game Boy Player

Did you own a Game Boy Player? I don’t, but I wish I did. So much that I’m thinking of picking one up, especially if the much-desired Virtual Handheld service never comes to fruition. As a non-owner, answer me this,