Video: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire trailer reveals Mega Metagross

Holly Fellmeth On Jul 14th 2014 with 0 Comments

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The official YouTube account for the Pokemon series has uploaded a trailer (right on the heels of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS character reveal trailer; unrelated) that shows off a new Mega evolution: that of Metagross. The trailer is more than a reveal for Metagross’s new mega-look, though: it includes a look at several of the gym leaders/elite four in the duo of 3DS games and…Pikachu in some incredibly cute costumes. What’s that all about, you ask? We all apparently have to wait to find out.

What do you think about the new video?

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[Updated] Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon join the Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS line-up

Holly Fellmeth On Jul 14th 2014 with 3 Comments

Update: The new trailer is now viewable on YouTube. Check it out here or below this post. A few things are still vague, but Lucina seems a whole lot like a gender swap for Marth, and Chrom seems like a mystery, as we don’t see him fighting a whole lot in the trailer. More food for thought.

Original Post: As Nintendo promised, a new character has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS…wait, a few have been announced. It seems Captain Falcon is returning for one thing. Then, from Fire Emblem: Awakening, we have Robin, Lucina, and Chrom joining the fight, in one way or another (the streamed video was rather confusing to me, and it doesn’t help that I was way, way overexcited, being the Fire Emblem: Awakening fan that I am) I got one thing from the video for sure, however: both the male and female versions of Robin will be playable, which is fantastic news in my book. As soon as Nintendo uploads the official reveal to YouTube, you’ll see it right here on Infendo, so check back!

What are your thoughts on the character reveals? Leave a comment below letting us know!

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Infendo Radio Episode 317: Short and Sweet

Holly Fellmeth On Jul 14th 2014 with 9 Comments
Infendo Radio Episode 317: Short and Sweet


Changes are in Infendo Radio’s future. Episode 317 (with Lewis Pugh, Colin Crompton, and myself, Holly Fellmeth) details those changes and more. We try to guess who will be announced for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS (I edited pretty quick to get the episode out before the streamed event, which you can view here at 7:00am PT!), talk about Poker Dice Solitaire Future, answer community comments, and…well, I’ll let you find out the rest! But I will tell you this: Lewis shares some exciting, exclusive news with us as well. So really, this is a can’t-miss episode.

Send any questions or comments for us to discuss on a future show to contact@infendo.com or leave them in a comment below if you’re on your web browser.

Happy listening!

Click here to listen to the show on your Wii U!


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Post E3 London event impressions: Hyrule Warriors

Colin Crompton On Jul 13th 2014 with 0 Comments

This was the game I was most eagerly anticipating and it didn’t disappoint.

The demo consisted of two playable characters Link and Zelda, the difference between the characters was greater than expected as Link has his traditional sword and shield fighting style which is more direct, focusing on quick strikes. Zelda on the other hand, has a wider range, but her attacks are generally weaker. Each character can equip several weapons, but the only alternatives available in the demo was Link wielding the fire rod, which changes Links combat style becoming closer to Zelda’s.

Graphically the game looks very good, however my main concern is it does looks slightly rough around the edges, particularly with enemies in the background. The game runs smooth no matter how many enemies fill the screen there was absolutely no slowdown which was another concern. The most impressive visual treat is when King Dodongo makes an appearance as the boss at the end of the demo and the amount of detail in the character model is striking.

The amount of detail on offer here is amazing

The music is the standard Zelda style soundtrack channeled through the heavy metal medium accompanied with the usual orchestral elements which does suit the absolute carnage happening before your eyes.

Gameplay is just what you would expect from any of the Dynasty Warriors games, but the mechanics have the most in common with the more recent entries in the series. The GamePad screen is used to display statistics such as the current battlefield situation and not much else, but with the main action happening on the big screen this is not really an issue.

A minor complaint I do have is the limited move set the characters had access to and although you do learn additional moves by increasing your level you will have to get used to a little bit of a repetition at the lower levels.

All in all, Hyrule Warriors leaves a very strong first impression and the short time I had with the game has made a good case for me to purchase a Wii U when this game is released in September.

So what are your thoughts on Hyrule Warriors or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.



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Nintendo Post E3 event in London Part 2

Lewis Pugh On Jul 12th 2014 with 1 Comments
Nintendo Post E3 event in London Part 2


This is the second part of a series of impressions from my trip to Nintendo’s Post E3 even in London. You can check out part one here. 

Following on from the experimental experience that was Project Guard, the next logical place to check out was the neighbouring demo unit for Project Giant Robot. I’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations for this one.


Like Project Guard there is a element of play that happens before the game begins. For Project Giant Robot this takes the form of a robot creation tool. I knew of this going in, but wasn’t aware of the amount of customization the game offered. Head, body, upper arms, lower arms, hands, upper legs, lower legs and feet. Not only can you choose a different object for each but you can adjust a series of slides to change the size for any axis. My own creation is shown above, with a large springy boddy long arms and long, wide feet.

And of course a drill for a head.

When your happy with your robot as I was the game truly begins and you find your new giant robot in the middle of a modern city, a rival robot is then revealed and your objective is to knock it over.

What make this game particularly bizarre is it controls. Should buttons are used for walking back and fourth, aiming is done via motion controls, the sticks control your arms and the triggers fire your laser.


Despite the very unorthodox setup, once the controls were explained things did in fact click. Not only does motion control where you robot viewpoint is but also controls the twist of its body, you can then combind this motion with the right swing or angle of your arm to a temp to push down your robotic opposition.

In the end my weird creation worked out very well, making smooth work of each of the different robots this demo presented.

Overall I came away from the game very impressed, It felt new, fresh and it was incredibly fun.

Next up was a game I did have high hopes for from the get go, and this was Mario Maker.


The demo was simple giving you access to a empty, medium sized stage with tools across the top to help you fill it up with interesting Mario Bros things. Both the controls with the stylus and the user interface have been crafted with allot of thought, meaning creating stages is not only easy but quick to do.

Where Mario Maker stands out currently is the ability to make stages you wouldn’t find in an official release. I was able to fill a screen with koopa’s without warning, wedged between two pipes, in play mode you could then suspenseful jump across this sea-of-koopas if you get your timing right.

You cvan flip between classic Super Mario Bros art style and New Super Mario Bros they both play exactly the same but it is cool to see the same stage in both styles.

Mario Marker is definitely fun as it is, but the potential here is huge. With a 2015 release I think its safe to assume what were seeing here is not the full package and I eagerly await finding out Nintendo’s full plans for this title.

I then moved onto a more traditional platformer, Yoshi’s Wooly World.

The first thing you notice is how well the yarn like aesthetic works on a big HD TV. Details in stitching are crystal clear and the vibrant colors make this game really pop out.


I was curious how the game would feel to play. Would it be more like Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Yoshi Island? I was surprised as despite the gorgeous textured visual the game did play more like classic Yoshi Island.

You can play 2 player co-op also which was fun from the get go and usual shows platformers in there best light, especially if your only getting a small play session. A fun detail in co-op is that you can eat your partner and turn them into an egg for your to throw. Not only is this pleasantly frustrating for the other player but it has practical uses also, and as long as the other play is in reach you always have an extra egg at your disposal to take down enemies or destructible environments.

Also unlike Epic Yarn is the inclusion of a health system. The stages we played though didn’t present much of a challenge but its hard to tell if this was because of the demo design or a sign of a lack of challenge in the full game. The good news however though there was simply allot more to do than in Epic Yarn, stages felt more dense, filled with things to do and was not a simple exercise of making your way from left to right.

It’s really good to see Wooly World has come into its own and is not the predictable spiritual sequel I pessimistically first though. I think the game will be more fun with 2 local players but there’s enough secret areas even in the demo to give a lone player lots to look forward too.

That all for now and there is still more to come, let me know your questions in the comments below.



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New Super Smash Bros. fighter will be revealed Monday morning

Holly Fellmeth On Jul 11th 2014 with 4 Comments

Thanks to a Tweet from Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account, we know that a new Super Smash Bros. challenger will be revealed Monday morning at 7:00am PT, via the official Smash Bros. website. Click here to visit the site and get pumped for the reveal. Who do you hope the new character is? Let us know your theories in the comments below.

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