Game Boy Stage for New Smash Bros?

Justin Riley On Aug 08th 2014 with 1 Comments

As the days count down towards one of the most talked about releases this year, Sakurai continues to drop various hints and sneak pics through his Miiverse account. Yesterdays screenshot appears to reveal a new Game Boy stage. Along with the image above, Sakurai wrote “Pic of the day “?Ba-ding!?”…. If you turn on the 3D effect, it really looks like there is a Game Boy inside the screen.” Sakurai did not confirm if this is in fact a stage, but it certainly appears that way.¬†This would be a truly fitting stage design, as the Game Boy just turned 25 years old this year. Much like Melee’s Game & Watch stage, the new stage would be an homage to the glorious beginnings of Nintendo’s handheld lineup.

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A glimpse of Super Smash Bros. Trophy Shop/Gallery

Justin Riley On Aug 07th 2014 with 0 Comments

Completionists and collectors have a large task looming in their near future. With over 540 trophies to be collected, the new Super Smash Bros. games will keep players extremely busy. While the trophies are meant to be collected throughout the game, they can also be purchased with in-game currency or Nintendo 3DS Play Coins.

Recently, Masahiro Sakurai shared a few screenshots on a Miiverse post, giving fans a glimpse of the Trophy Shop and Trophy Gallery for the 3DS version of the upcoming game.

Along with multiple screenshots, Sakurai shared the following:

“Here’s the trophy gallery for the 3DS version. You can rotate the trophies by drawing circles on the bottom screen. Super Smash Bros. Brawl had tons of trophies, but rumor has it that the 3DS version alone may have more than Brawl. Looks like the Dr. Wily that we made from scratch for the 3DS version is on his knees in disbelief.”

“Here’s something new – the trophy shop. If you’re having a hard time getting certain trophies, why not just buy them? They sometimes go on sale, too.”

With a release date of October 3rd, the 3DS version is certainly ramping up fans excitement and looks to be a surprisingly fulfilling version, with plenty of replay value. With over 540 trophies, will you claim them all?

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Mercedes-Benz DLC coming to Mario Kart 8 August 27

Holly Fellmeth On Aug 06th 2014 with 6 Comments

YouTube Preview Image

The free Mercedes-Benz DLC that was promised for Mario Kart 8 owners in the west finally has a solid release date: August 27. Nintendo announced this today and even included a trailer to go alongside it. And there isn’t just one new kart, but three headed our way. The first is the 2014 GLA, “the compact SUV of Mercedes-Benz”; the second is the 1934 W 25 Silver Arrow, “the legendary formula racing car”; and the third is the 1957 300 SL Roadster, “the dream sports car.” Even more good news: the new karts will come with a variety of paint jobs. See them in action for yourself in the trailer above.

In addition to the Mercedes-Benz DLC, an update for Mario Kart 8 (also coming on the 27th) will give players the option to display a course map on the TV screen while they race.

What do you think of the upcoming DLC? Do you think Nintendo will release more Mario Kart 8 DLC in the future and, if so, what would you want to see? Sound off in the comments below.

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Retro Redux: The NES

Holly Fellmeth On Aug 06th 2014 with 5 Comments
Retro Redux: The NES

099-NES system and games

Any quest to play retro Nintendo games should probably begin with the NES. It’s one of the most iconic gaming systems of all time, and it essentially revived the home console market in the United States single-handedly after the disastrous video game crash of 1983. Since I am trying to recreate (for myself and anyone who cares to read this) the era of the NES, I should probably know a little about the system’s history. But first, a quick personal background on the NES:

I seem to recall my large family (9 kids) owning a few different NES systems throughout the years. I can’t recall the order of things, but in one phase I went through, I played a lot of Super Mario Bros. This is the earliest instance of gaming frustration I can remember, yet I tried again and again to get further in the game.

At other points in time, we owned the NES Zapper and the Power Pad, plus a cartridge with Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet. My siblings and I had to be careful while playing with that Power Pad (an accessory that lays flat on the ground and senses your running speed using various “pressure sensors”), as our heated sprinting matches could get a little out of hand.

That basically sums up my most important NES memories. The images are vague in my mind, but the feelings remain vivid to this day.

What caused the video game crash of 1983? Actually, I’d like to phrase that question a little differently: what obstacles did Nintendo have to surmount to get the home console business back on its feet? Prior to 1983, Atari pretty much ruled the home console space. Poor marketing and a flood of shoddy products caused both consumers and retailers to lose faith in the home video game business, however, and that part of the industry essentially caved in on itself. Nintendo had already taken the arcade world by storm with Donkey Kong, but despite the dire state home gaming consoles found themselves in, the arcade business continued to survive and thrive.

Nintendo, however, had big plans to bring gaming back into homes, and even bigger odds stacked against them in their mission. Everyone, from consumers to retailers to industry experts, was convinced the home console market was dead, never to return. Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to a limited “test” market in late 1985 and to the entire United States in early 1986. They used a marketing strategy that identified the NES with the toy industry more than the video game industry to soften consumers toward it. It took some time, but the NES picked up steam and wasn’t about to let it go.

098-NES games

My entire NES game collection. Hey, I’m just starting out! Don’t make fun!

Nintendo also had to put measures in place to prevent another catastrophe that could ruin the industry all over again. Game developers had no choice but to work closely with Nintendo in getting their games out on the NES: their games had to be approved by the big N, they couldn’t release more than 5 games per year, and a lockout chip found in NES cartridges made it nearly impossible for unlicensed developers to publish games; in other words, developers had to get cartridges straight from Nintendo. This strategy ensured that the market did not become bloated, as it had in the past, with inferior games.

Of course, Nintendo contributed on the software front, as well. Super Mario Bros. led the charge, and later games like Super Mario Bros. 3 helped carry the torch in the late 80′s and early 90′s. All of this paid off, the NES was a massive success in the U.S., and the rest is history.

That concludes today’s look at the NES itself. As for games, there are still two days left to vote on which game I’ll start my NES Quest playing, out of these four: StarTropics, Ducktales, Paperboy, and Faxanadu. Admittedly, it’s pretty much down to Ducktales and StarTropics at this point, but feel free to vote on whichever strikes your fancy in a comment below (if you haven’t already, of course)! The final results will be posted sometime on Friday.

If you’re new to Retro Redux, get all the details here: Retro Redux: PRESS START

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Pokemon Center Release Incites Rare Download

Joseph Hernandez On Aug 06th 2014 with 0 Comments
Pokemon Center Release Incites Rare Download

Click image to go to Pokemon Center Website!

If you’ve ever¬†felt a lack of easy-to-obtain Pokemon merchandise in the U.S., you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo’s Pokemon Center website has been launched in full as of today. The site brings you the very best, like no one ever has, including items such as plushies, T-shirts, iPhone cases, and even Trading Card Game product. The prices range from fair to somewhat expensive ($39.95 for a Mega Charizard Polo T-shirt?!), but you can bet that this is some of the most quality Pokemon merch we’ve seen in a long time. The site will also updated with new items as time goes on.

pokeball vivillon

Additionally, in celebration of the release, those of you with the North America versions of Pokemon X and Y can now download the rare Pokeball-pattern Vivillon via the Mystery Gift feature. This offer ends on August 12th, however, so act fast.


What will you be buying from the Pokemon Center?



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New characters, modes and more from Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct

Lewis Pugh On Aug 05th 2014 with 1 Comments
New characters, modes and more from Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct


Today Nintendo broadcasted another Nintendo Direct, this one focused entirely on the Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors crossover Hyrule Warriors.

You can check out the broadcast below:

YouTube Preview Image

The highlights includes;

  • new playable character: Ganondorf
  • new playable character: Zant
  • new playable character: Ghirahim
  • new item: giant bombchu
  • new weapon: Chain Chomp
  • Adventure mode, with NES style map to concur

This brings the rosta of playable characters to 12; Link, Zelda, Midna, Shiek, Darunia, Ruto, Agitha, Fi, Lana, Ganondorf, Zant and Ghirahim.

As a reminder Hyrule Warriors will release on September 26 in North America and September 19 for Europe.

How do you feel about the revealed rosta so far? Do you expect even more warriors to join? Let us know in the comments below.

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