Video: Hunt monsters as Samus Aran in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Holly Fellmeth On Oct 08th 2014 with 1 Comments

YouTube Preview Image

Capcom uploaded a video to YouTube today, showing off the latest Nintendo crossover equipment for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: this time it’s Samus from the Metroid series, in both Power and Zero suit varieties. A new ranged weapon resembling an oversize version of Samus’s arm cannon is also shown being used by the bounty hunter turned monster hunter.

Nintendo fans should be very excited about this and other crossovers appearing in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in the West in early 2015. What are your thoughts on the game? Have Samus and Link convinced you to dive into the series? Let me know in a comment.

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Smash Bros. Wii U, Amiibo, and Captain Toad get Holiday 2014 release dates

Harrison Milfeld On Oct 07th 2014 with 9 Comments
Smash Bros. Wii U, Amiibo, and Captain Toad get Holiday 2014 release dates


Nintendo has announced a slew of launch dates for the Holiday 2014 release window that includes Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and the Amiibo line of NFC figurines.

First off the bat, and confirming past speculation, the release date for Smash Bros. Wii U will be November 21 in North America. Europe and Australia will see a release on December 5 and 6 respectively. Japanese audiences will also see the game drop on December 6. In addition, Nintendo’s first foray into NFC figures will see their first wave introduced in North America on November 21 and Europe on November 28.

Rounding out the release date announcements, the North American street date for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Wii U will be December 5. European and Australian dates have not yet been announced, while Japan’s is still slated for Q4 2014. Surprisingly, Captain Toad will retail for $40 USD and support select Amiibo figurines.


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Retro Redux: NES Sidequest – DuckTales Remastered

Holly Fellmeth On Oct 07th 2014 with 1 Comments
Retro Redux: NES Sidequest - DuckTales Remastered

137-DuckTales Remastered Moon Screenshot

Those of you who’ve been following the NES Quest from the beginning know that I started it by playing DuckTales. At that time, I already had an original NES copy of the game plus DuckTales Remastered downloaded to my Wii U. Yeah, I’m crazy that way: I often download games, only to hold off on playing them until months later.

Well, what better time to play DuckTales Remastered than right after playing the original NES game?! It was a fantastic chance to compare the two, and here are some of my conclusions/impressions:

In DuckTales Remastered, the player must first traverse a level that was non-existent in the original game: Scooge McDuck’s mansion. It basically serves as one big tutorial, plus the oft-complained of interruptions to the game in the form of story cutscenes rear their ugly heads for the first time here, too. Admittedly not a strong start to the game, but at least we got the original voice actors from the cartoon.

When Scrooge and the boys learn of five valuable treasures connected to a mysterious painting, the adventure truly begins. I tackled the five levels in traditional Holly style: in order from top to bottom. That means the Amazon jungle was my first destination. This is where the game’s pretty, if somewhat generic, HD graphics became stunningly clear. Even so, the physics resembled those of the original surprisingly well. Meaning, the gameplay was solid as a rock. It’s not too easy a game, and finding hidden gems in the environment is just as satisfying as it was in the original.

To force me to explore the entirety of the level, I had to find several coins within the Amazon to progress. Every one of the five main levels ended up having a fetch quest like this, which was not a feature found in the original game, aside from the occasional need to find a key or remote control. Each level also has a Metroid-like map accessible through the Start menu to help less experienced players, though I didn’t discover this until I actually needed it in the Himalayas.  Also, each boss fight in DuckTales Remastered ended up being a lot more varied than in the original as well.

The tunes in the game were updated arrangements of the originals courtesy of Jake Kaufman, a favorite game composer of mine. They did not disappoint; this is how you update a soundtrack.

DuckTales Remastered will feel both old and new to fans of the NES original. The updated soundtrack, presentation, and gameplay make it worth a shot for said fans, even if the story-related interruptions are not a welcome addition in the slightest. Overall, though, it’s a worthy reboot.

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Infendo Radio Episode 328: Super Guide!

Holly Fellmeth On Oct 06th 2014 with 4 Comments
Infendo Radio Episode 328: Super Guide!

IR Banner 328

Welcome to episode 328 of Infendo Radio! A special welcome to any friends and family of myself, Harrison, Colin, Lewis, and other Infendo fans: this episode was made specifically with you in mind! In it, Harrison Milfeld, Colin Crompton, and myself discuss three main topics: questions from our friends and family about Nintendo, the company’s vast 125+ year history, and our thoughts on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments. We don’t expect anyone to be converted to gaming by listening to this episode, but we will happily answer your questions if you send them in an e-mail to contact@infendo.com. Thanks for your support!

Enjoy the show!

Click here to listen to the show on your Wii U!

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Retro Redux: NES Quest – Updates, New Vote, and Refresher

Holly Fellmeth On Oct 04th 2014 with 2 Comments
Retro Redux: NES Quest - Updates, New Vote, and Refresher

095-Retro Redux_NES Quest Games

The NES Quest continues to move forward, albeit at a rather slow pace. I tried to juggle several games over this last week: Hyrule Warriors, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and StarTropics. I’d say I’ve done an alright job, especially considering the other demands of life, which continue to bombard. So let’s not waste any time!


Out of the NES games that have been voted on thus far, I’m currently trying to focus on StarTropics. I just beat the fire lord, too! Well, umm, that may not be his official title. There was a lava-y dungeon that ended in a fiery boss fight, so for those of you who’ve played StarTropics, hopefully you know what I mean and about how far I’ve gotten. As far as updates go, that’s about all I can say for now. I’ll be working on a report card soon!

New Vote!

I think it’s high time we decided on what I’ll be playing after StarTropics, don’t you? The new, randomly-chosen, games for you to vote on are as follows:

  • Recommended by Janush and KevIn, Bubble Bobble
  • Recommended by Janush, River City Ransom
  • Recommended by KevIn, Kickle Cubicle
  • Recommended by Justin Riley, Super Mario Bros. 3

You know the drill: leave a comment below voting on your favorite! Whichever one receives the most votes will be played by yours truly after StarTropics.

NES Game Then and NowMy NES game collection has grown! I actually started with 5 games, not 6.


For those who may be new to the NES Quest, here’s the gist: I just want to “replicate the feelings of yesteryear” by playing as many NES games as I can, as I largely missed out on that important era of gaming. It’s a project that’s meant to be shaped by you, through votes and so on. If you have any recommendations, any at all, please let me know! A quick note on report cards: I post report cards when I’ve done the best I can at a game in the limited time I have. I end these posts with a grade. This grade isn’t the score I give the game. Rather, it’s how well I myself played the game.

On lifelines: I allow myself up to three “lifelines” per game. These are: 1) Ask the readers [of Infendo], 2) Ask a friend, and 3) Use the internet [once]. I try my best not to use lifelines. They detract from my final grade, anyway.

Games played and grades earned so far:

That’s all for today. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this so far! It’s been a blast.

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Yep, it’s a thing: the “Name Holly’s Wii U Folders” contest is on!

Holly Fellmeth On Oct 03rd 2014 with 3 Comments
Yep, it's a thing: the "Name Holly's Wii U Folders" contest is on!
P1010533Okay, so maybe what I’ve got here is a little boring.

Note: Apologies in advance, but this contest is open to residents of the U.S. only!

What clever Wii U folder names can you come up with in 17 characters or less? If you feel like you’re on to some good ones, don’t hold back! Join the official Infendo contest to name my Wii U folders! There’s even a fantastic prize for the winner: a signed copy of Essel Pratt’s debut novel, Final Reverie, graciously provided, of course, by Essel himself! Here’s how to join:

  1. Think of some good ideas for folder names. You can send in as many or as few as you would like. I’ve got a pretty wide selection of games downloaded to my Wii U, so go wild! Just keep the profanity to a minimum, if you would.
  2. Send your suggestions, your name, and your preferred e-mail address to contact@infendo.com.
  3. The contest will end on Saturday, October 11th, at 11:00AM Pacific. This is to allow the listeners of Infendo Radio a fair chance to join as well! The winner will be notified via their preferred e-mail at around this time and asked for a shipping address. I will name my Wii U folders based on the winning suggestions too, of course!
  4. This contest is open to residents of the U.S. only, as shipping costs for Essel would be nearing ludicrous levels otherwise!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know! This is *ahem* kind’ve my first attempt at something like this, so I’m open for suggestions!

Info on Final Reverie

Description on Amazon:

“Many years after the downfall of technology, magic has reclaimed its position within Earth’s ecosystem. Over time, the delicate balance between good and evil has weighed heavily toward the malevolent side, despite attempts at stabilizing the equilibrium.

Two heroes, Franklyn – an adolescent boy, and Chij – his wolf brother, travel the land with a sole purpose of helping those that cannot defend themselves from the creatures that lurk and feed upon the weak. Their carefree travels are unexpectedly given a larger purpose when they are tasked to search for, and destroy, the nefarious being known as Nafets – who was imprisoned many years prior but teeters on the edge of reemergence.

Throughout their journey, Franklyn and Chij encounter heroes of the past that guide them toward the final battle, as well as Atrin – an aspiring adversary that wishes to overthrow Nafets and claim his seat upon the throne of malevolence.

Franklyn and Chij endure an emotional journey filled with blood, tears, and self-discovery as they encounter the unexpected and become entangled in a expedition that will test their abilities and emotions.”


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