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That One Time… Looking Back on Weird Nintendo Moments

That one time Link had pink hair If you’ve ever played the SNES classic A Link to the Past, you’re aware that the sprite for Link looks a little… unusual. This is the only version of the game where instead

Nintendo Mobile Gaming – What Kept You?

  Nintendo are expected to release The Legend of Zelda as a smartphone game in the near future, which will be their most high-profile mobile title since Super Mario Run came out in 2016. It will be one of just

MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch: A Competitive Tier Analysis

  You may be surprised to learn, as a reader that is not heavily invested in the metagame behind MONOPOLY for Nintendo Switch (Or as it’s properly referred to, The Fast Dealing Property Game MONOPOLY Brand for Nintendo Switch), that not

Nintendo DS Casino Games List Best Buy

History of Nintendo

People can use the Nintendo DS casino games list best buy as a guide. As the holiday season approaches, a lot of people are going to be interested in coming up with new ideas when it comes to gift giving.

Top 3 Retro Casino Games by Nintendo

Over the ages, there have emerged two types of players; those who prefer playing state of the art video slots, which feature 3D graphics and other advanced in-game features, while the other category is for those players who enjoy playing

Nintendo Switch: Comparison of Physical and Digital Games

The gaming industry has taken a huge turn over from the past few years. Nintendo users are in a fix whether to opt physical games or to go with digital games for their gaming console. An important thing to worry