Nintendo World Store Muramasa Event.
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Today I headed to New York City to check out the Muramasa launch event at the Nintendo World Store. There was tons of little events going on inside the store all related to Murasmasa such as getting your picture taken with a boss, and getting your name written in kanji. You could also pick up the game with a special limited edition gift which sold out two hours into the event.

Overall it was a huge event and where everyone was having a good time I managed to snoop a shot of the new Nintendo DSi colors.  So Come inside to check it out!
Party time

As I headed into the Nintendo World Store I noticed that there was a lot of stuff relating to Wii Sports Resort on the first floor. It said the Muramasa party was upstairs so I decided to look around a bit before heading up. You always manage to find some cool items lying around the store.


There was a giant projection screen playing Muramasa trailers and you could hear music from the game.

Pink and White DS

I spotted a White and Pink Nintendo DSi sitting in a case. The Pink DSi looks a bit more Red than pink.

Giant Fan

I headed upstairs and saw a whole bunch of fans and other asian nick knacks strew about the store.

Tea Set

Cool tea pot and hand fans! Saw a rob in the case below it!

Dramatic Sword

Chinese sword just laying around, strangely no one touched it.


People were playing the game around the store. All the kiosks on the second floor had Muramasa in them.


Some guy apparently was playing the game for a while as he already reached level 15 with Kisuke.


Muramasa has a deep weapon forging system where you can use collected souls and parts to forge new swords that help you out as you progress in your game.

Oriental Doll and Fan

More hand fans and Asian dolls, that’s a bright red kimono.

Nintendo Employees enjoying Muramasa

Nintendo World Store employees giving out demonstrations from behind the counter. Nintendo Would has a very friendly staff.


Waiting on line for the Calligraphy section, people just talking about Muramasa.

Kanji Names

Getting my name written in Kanji!

Line for I-AM-8bit

The line for the I am 8-bit exhibit. Awesome little set up they had going.

Fans having fun

This guy was really into getting his picture taken with that foam sword.

Friend being interviewed for the Nintendo Channel

My friend Oz getting interviewed about Muramasa, he’s apparently going to show up in an upcoming Nintendo Channel video.


Nintendo World, home to a barrel full of Kirbys.

Fat Princess

Apparently Princess Toadstool put on some weight. What a Fat Princess.

X-Rated Momohime and Keisuke

I walked by someone playing the game and saw this and had to snap a picture.

7 Responses to Nintendo World Store Muramasa Event.
Pictures and More

  1. Brian says:

    That looks like a fun time!

  2. srkelley says:

    Why don’t I live in Japan?

  3. Jamie says:

    WOW! A barrel full of Kirby’s!!! THIS is wy I want to go to New York! lol damnit.

  4. David says:

    @srkelley – that’s in NYC, not Japan!

  5. Damien says:


    -Ryu’s stage music is now playing in your head.-

  6. Ptolemy says:

    Can you go into the I am 8-bit thing in a little more detail? Did they just take pictures with props or did they use effects to make you look like a video game? It seems interesting, but at the moment, I’m pretty much imagining what thats all about.

  7. Will says:

    @ Ptolemy

    You would stand in front of a landscape from the game, and they would photoshop in a boss from the game, where it would look like you were about to fight him.

    You had a choice of weapons, and they would photoshop in some additional layers, lens flare, and other stuff.

    Then they would print you out a picture. Was pretty cool.

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