New Animal Crossing 3D Trailer And A Must Have Wii U Pro Controller

When Animal crossing was first announced, I didn’t give it much credit.  In fact, it appeared to be just an child’s version of an MMORPG.  Since I am not a fan of MMORPGs, I barely looked at it twice.  What I didn’t know, is that it is actually a pretty fun game with plenty to do and see.

The only reason I did finally check it out, is that I have daughters.  Although the puppy dog eyes do not work on me, video games do, so of course I gave in.  I can’t say I played it more than an hour or so, but Nintendo definitely had something there.  So, with the upcoming release of Animal Crossing 3D, my curiosity peaked.  I am not sure that I will spend the money on the game, now that my kids are older, but the new trailer below looks amazing.








With the fast approaching launch of the Wii U, we are sure to see plenty of “unofficial” merchandise for the console.  One that has really caught my eye is an unofficial Wii U Pro controller by Interworks Unlimited.  The controller incorporates an SNES controller design right into the xBox-ish looking controller.  The design looks perfect in the pictures, although the sites selling the controller do not have actual images as of yet.  The wireless controller is stated to sell for approximately $34.99 US and will work for both the Wii and Wii U.  What are your thoughts on teh design?

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  1. That’s kinda funny looking but it’s pretty cool how they gave it the classic SNES design xD

    i’d probably stick with the official Pro controller though, ’cause aside from me always sticking to the official controllers, it doesn’t look as comfortable.

  2. hehe look where my name takes you if u click it 8}

  3. wakko1337 says:

    Dan, it’s the same controller, just with a photoshopped SNES over it and colored buttons.

    It looks uglier than anything I’ve ever seen on a Nintendo console, and the only thing beating it right now is the REALLY ugly PS3 with the gold stickers on it.

  4. Essel Pratt says:

    Although the current picture of the controller is photo-shopped, I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of the Wii U Pro controller format in general, but I feel this does give it a better look. I am sure the final product will be slightly different, and I am considering ordering one, just because. I am actually a bit surprised by the negative reaction to it.

  5. wakko1337 says:

    You’re free to like whatever you please Essel, as your coffee-delivering servant I have no say in the matter (although I will try to provoke you spilling said coffee on your keyboard again if you go against me 😛 )however I do have to ask why you’d find this controller appealing?

    I mean, the way it’s aesthetically designed, it looks like a miniature SNES controller being bear-hugged by sad-faced, acne-covered alien.

  6. Esselpratt says:

    Haha, when you put it that way, it does seem kinda lame. Honestly, I can’t pinpoint why I like it. But, to me, the SNES controller seems to work perfectly in the design, at least to me.

  7. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    You’re not the only one Esselpratt. I think it looks pretty sweet. 🙂 If the joysticks don’t have that “I’m cheaply made and really suck,” feel to them, I may grab one or two. 😀

    SNES + WiiU controller= Awesome.

    I just hope the D-Pad doesn’t suck like it does on the 360 (idk about ps3).
    Reminds me.. the GC controller has a horrid d-pad. lol I’ll miss you GC ‘troller… :’) We had good times.. wearing off the rubber on the joysticks.. from 100+ hours of SSBM…

  8. koopa trooper says:

    Don’t ever buy third party controllers. EVER. They always break or don’t work as good as the official ones. You will spend more money in the long run because you will probably have to replace it. Are SNES-colored buttons really worth having a much worse quality controller?

  9. Quibids says:

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