Metroid U? Retro Studios Is Entertaining The Idea


Many Nintendo fans have been wondering if we will see out favorite heroine make an appearance on the Wii U, and when.  Although there is no confirmation that such a game is in development for Samus, Kelbaugh, Tanabe, and Tabata have shared that they have some ideas with Venturebeat.  One such thought is to create an attachment for the gamepad that will allow it to become a “zapper of sorts”.

“I [told Tanabe], ‘What, you want to hook a GamePad on a Zapper [gun peripheral]?’” recounted the translator. “He said: ‘No, that’d be too heavy. Maybe something more streamlined. But like a Zapper-style thing with a GamePad feature on it or some device like that. I’d love to do some shooting stuff with something like that! Maybe some day.’”

Kelbaugh and Tabata shared their thoughts on the use of the gamepad itself:

“Samus obviously has a lot of features [in her space suit],” said Tabata. “There’s a lot you can do with that thing — once she pulls her arm up and pulls out that [metal flap] and does some of this stuff [Tabata pretends to punch buttons on her forearm]. I can see mapping some of that to the GamePad. I think that would be really cool.”

Do you think that we will see a Metroid U within the next few years?  If so, how are you hoping to see the gamepad work into the storyline?


3 Responses to Metroid U? Retro Studios Is Entertaining The Idea

  1. Rob Carroll says:

    I’m sure we’ll see one, it makes no business sense to not do one.

  2. Brian Foster says:

    I don’t want any more Metroid – The Minigame. Well I do, but I want a REAL Metroid game first.

  3. Loren says:

    Right on but take out ‘U’ that makes it look silly.

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