Legend of Zelda Wii, Leaks, and Speculations?


There have been a lot of rumors about info leaks about the new legend of Zelda Game, below is a collection of the most plausible sounding rumors around.

This info comes from a 2ch, a japanese futaba board, pretty much the underbelly of the internet full of rumors, lies, truths, and what have you. So take all this information with a grain of salt.

  • The game will be vary from the “dungeon -> field -> dungeon” method we are accustomed too (Eiji Aonuma confirmed that last year).
  • You will be able to select right or left handed at the start, and Link will be left or right handed based on your selection
  • One of the characters they are working on is a innkeeper in Link’s home village who has a son that looks up to Link.
  • The girl in the art is not the Master Sword, and it appears that the Master Sword will not be in the game.
  • The girls name from the painting could possibly be either Adelle, Adella, or Aderu.
  • She is not with you throughout the game like Ezlo and Midna.
  • The face in the painting of her is not her real face. It’s not fully elaborated on much, but it does say that it was a place holder concept art piece.
  • Link’s sword is highly unique in this game, and will have several unlockable abilities. Adelle communicates with you through this sword.
  • There will be horseback combat. Epona will avoid obstacles automatically.
  • The models for 3 significant characters in the game have been touched up, but no they are not Zelda or Ganondorf.
  • The idea of this version of Link also being The Hero of Time has been highly considered, and may already be implemented.
  • Time travel plays a roll in the game.
  • The game takes place in more then just Hyrule, and may not possibly be Hyrule at all.

I kind of like some of these wishy-washy statements.

[via Zeldainformer]

13 Responses to Legend of Zelda Wii, Leaks, and Speculations?

  1. LookItsLink says:

    If any or all of those are true, that’s great, because none of them sound bad.

  2. XCWarrior says:

    No Master Sword means this has to be fake.

  3. Yutsud says:

    No Master Sword does sound a bit… far fetched, but does not automatically make it fake. Let’s face it, the Master Sword was nowhere to be found in the original Zelda anyway.

  4. Zac says:

    You’re making it sound like a Majora’s Mask sequel. No Zelda. No Ganon. No Master Sword. Hero of Time. Time Travel. Epona. Not in Hyrule.
    If it truly is a MM sequel… this is going to be the greatest game ever.

  5. DonWii says:

    ^That is exactly what it sounds like.

    I wouldn’t mind a Majora’s Mask Sequel.

  6. Sheldon says:

    Sighhh -.-
    I really hope it’s not a mm sequel. Or have anything with traveling through time. The idea of hving a time limit really irritates me. I hope most of these are fake.

  7. Rory says:

    MM sequel would be okay. I somewhat agree w/ Sheldon that the time limit COULD be irritating, BUT it did open up some cool angles (right place right time stuff). No Master Sword= NBD the new fighting stuff will hopefully fill this “void”

  8. Burnberry says:

    A different article I read about this stated that the new game will in fact be a Majora’s Mask sequel. I hope it does not follow the same idea of Majora’s Mask in that it will place a time limit on your adventure. That was really annoying, having to start over if you forgot to play the Ocarina.

  9. rdaneel72 says:

    It doesn’t have to be am MM sequel, as long as it SHAKES UP THE FRANCHISE as much as MM did. That is the impression I get from these rumors. It will be LIKE MM in the way it completely alters the stagnent Zelda formula. That is exciting.

  10. -_Q says:

    I collected my final mask today in Majora’s Mask (my first time playing it–slipped past me somehow) and I have been absolutely stunned by the symbolism, maturity and storytelling mechanics in this game.

    Hopefully the new Zelda will have what made Majora so great:

    New enemy,
    new game mechanics,
    mix of fresh and familiar.

    And preferably no Hyrule. Let’s take another vacation.
    Although the moon falling does stress out a vacation a bit.

    The sun this time?

  11. muggy8 says:

    if i recall properly, the last game involving time travel and made sense (just s alight bit) is time hollow… in light i hope for no time travel. and i hope this game’s got more story than regular zelda games

  12. Will says:

    @ Muggy8

    I just want to give you props for picking up Time Hollow, that was one of my favorite games for the DS.

  13. Billman64 says:

    +An engine that is not similar to Ocarina of Time
    +Motion Plus support

    my thoughts:
    I feel a first person, or 3rd person-close-to-shoulder view to emphasize the movement of Link’s arms as he uses different weapons/items.

    The dungeon-less nature of it makes me feel like it’ll be sand-box gameplay, or that the whole game is one ginormous-scale “dungeon.” If it was a level-by-level linear game, it wouldn’t feel like Zelda at all.

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