Iwata’s Thoughts On Social Media Connectivity


Social media is part of our daily lives in one form or another.  When Nintendo hyped up the MiiVerse, I expected that there would be some sort of connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  However, when that connectivity was not there, I was not really surprised either.  Nintendo has always done “their thing” when it comes to gaming, so it is only natural that they created their own social network within the MiiVerse.

Recently, Iwata spoke to Nikkei.com and touched base on his stance on Social networking:

“The primary use of Twitter and Facebook is not gaming, but a means of communication. Although I don’t use either of them, if I did, I imagine I’d use it to talk about my outings and vacations to people who aren’t exactly video game enthusiasts. I don’t think my former classmates would care to hear about my new Mario Kart record and so on.”

Iwata went on to add that when the MiiVerse is added to the 3DS, “Miiverse will explode”.

Do you agree with Iwata’s view on Social Networking and the Wii U (and 3DS when it is available)?


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  1. frstOne says:

    I agree. Posts on facebook telling you won an achievement on some ps3 game are just spam for most people. I don’t own a wii u yet, but I think miiverse looks fine.

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