Infendo Radio: Mother Brain Edition

Eugene Allen On May 17, 2013 17.05.2013 with 0 Comments

mother brainSo as has been the case as of late, Skype has failed us this podcast. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a podcast for you all this week, but it does mean that the very beginning (about 5 min) of the podcast was lost, as well as a bit in the middle. Sorry folks, we at the Infendo Towers are looking for a solution, and hopefully our next show will go off without a hitch.

This week we talk about Mothers in gaming, the EA/Nintendo debacle, and more!

To be a part of the show, be sure to write in with all of your questions and comments to, or you can comment, post in the forums, or hit us up on Twitter.

Thanks for listening!

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