Infendo Radio Plays Hookie

Infendo Radio host Sean Buckley announced today that the popular Nintendo Blog’s weekly live podcast event would not be taking place at it’s usual scheduled time.  “Something went wrong with our distribution service, and so the last episode didn’t fully launch until yesterday,” the intrepid podcast stated, “It wouldn’t make sense to release two episodes a week.”   Regular co-hosts Will Thompson and Alexis Sanots declined comment, stating only that they stood behind Mr. Buckley’s decision.  The staff did assure us that Infendo Radio would be returning soon, and in full force.

Interested parties should stay tuned to Infendo for the latest Nintendo news and future broadcast dates for Infendo Radio.

6 Responses to Infendo Radio Plays Hookie

  1. Jake Barber says:

    I will be in that chat room! Can’t wait.

    By the way, Sean, you should start using the infendo radio cover art in the iTunes store and the USTREAM dealie. Just having the lone Infendo logo bothers me.

  2. Sean Buckley says:

    Jake – we’re also doing a few back-end things to the podcast, and one of those may be to update the logos, but there are some other complex issues we’re trying to tackle first – like eliminating the error that caused this week’s show to delay.

    But the logo is on the to-do list, to be sure! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Brock D. says:

    So Sean, what kinds of things are wrong/being overhauled with the show, or is it a secret and we just have to wait until the time happens?

  4. llaffer says:

    Damn it ! 🙂 I was in a lousy mood from the last game that I tried to play, and was hoping for a little pick-me-up. I guess I’ll have to find some other way to entertain myself tonight.

  5. Sean Buckley says:


    It’s mostly back end stuff that we need to smooth out, minimizing glitches that keep the show from getting into itunes on time, repairing some equipment that’s been making recording difficult, and standardizing some of the sound files we use and work with. We’re always trying to streamline the show when it comes to content and features, but it’s not the main focus of the overhaul I’m doing. Most of the changes being made should be invisible to the user – unless you take notice of a more consistently delivered show 🙂

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