Infendo at Nintendo’s E3 Presser

Ever wondered what Nintendo’s press event looked like from row 3? Then check out the event from our perspective.  Will, myself, and a few friends from around the Internet check out the presser. See our predictions, reactions, and two of our company (including Will) being the first E3 attendees to get their hands on Zelda: Skyward Sword

5 Responses to Infendo at Nintendo’s E3 Presser

  1. Jake says:

    Will’s mind being blown at 2:44

  2. EdEN says:

    Kid Icarus really brings back memories. Seeing him on Brawl made me remember when I got to play the NES game back in the day. Took me a while to finish but did so without cheating using the “end of the game” password. Kid Icarus, Final Fantasy and Metroid are my proudest moments from the 8 bit era. THOSE were hard games.

  3. Mr McSquirts says:

    That guy in the beginning is dreamy

  4. chris_wing says:

    Did I see Will on the G4 feed of the show? It sure looked like him.

  5. chris_wing says:

    I’m not kidding, Will was front and center in an audience shot during the Nintendo show on G4.

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