Halloween Approaches!


Halloween is only a week away, people! Here at Infendo, we want to see the best dang Halloween costumes around. Send your pics to [email protected] and we’ll display the best! NOTE: That is me as Mario, and I love that costume so much I have used it as often as possible since.

4 Responses to Halloween Approaches!

  1. Lord Lemmy says:

    If I had known my Club Nintendo Mario hat was going to be shipped before halloween, I would have gone looking for a red shirt, overalls and gloves, instead of buying a Luigi costume off the internet. I just recieved the Mario hat today!

  2. Juja says:

    My girlfriend made a Link costume that’s pretty whabbas, and her best friend got a Mario costume together for this year. Next time they’re over and in costume, I’ll be sure to take a few pictures.

  3. whabbas says:


  4. Juja says:

    Whabbas, indeed. You’ll see if/when I get a picture and send it in.

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